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(Originally posted on SalsaNewYork 0n 4/03)

Behind the Scene PHOTOS of this Year's 
6th Annual

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Side Street Kids Academywpe6.jpg (12207 bytes) 
Black & White Ball
-Compiled by Manny Siverio
Photos Courtesy of Manny Siverio

For those who have been sealed away in a bomb shelter for the last six years:
The Side Street Kids Academy (a non-for-profit Bronx Youth Organization) has their annual Black & White Ball Fundraiser each year. The evening is a dressy dinner and mambo dance, held at an elegant catering hall, complete with dance performances by the Side Street Kids, classic salsa music played by a top DJ and a live band. Its attended by mambo dancers from all over the City and surrounding suburbs, adults from young to mature. Many of us have attended this event every year and have enjoyed it greatly: good food, open bar, classy atmosphere, dance performances, socializing with each other and the very friendly Side Street Kids community of parents, teachers and students, and lots of non-stop dancing. And it's for a very good cause: The Side Street Kids. Their "mission is to empower youth with the necessary skills to understand and appreciate the importance of education, positive family interaction and cultural awareness through dance".
The fundraiser is an adult-only (21 years old) non-smoking event. The proceeds of this event go towards the Side Street Kids Inc. Educational Fund, which helps SSK graduates attend college and its tax deductible. - by Steve Shaw

A Note from Manny
I've been to four of these events and only have good things to say about it. In the meantime, I've taken the liberty of posting several pictures from that evening for those of you that have been depriving yourself of this worthy yearly mambo outing. If you like what you see, then be on the look out for next year's fundraiser. 
Hope to see you on the B&W dance floor. - Manny Siverio

Getting on the Floor
The Side Street Kids have their very own version of the Conga line. Its sort of a tradition with everyone involved with the SSK academy. Whenever the DJ puts on the "Hawaii Five-O" Theme song, people rush to the center of the dance floor, sit down in a straight line and make believe that they are rowing a Hawaiin boat. Its a lot of fun to watch and as these few photos show, its a lot of fun to do too!


The NY Mambo Community Shows Their Support:
Several well known NY Mambo personalities show their support for the SSK KIDS:

(L-R) NY Mambo Instructor Lillian Negley, SalsaNewYork
Co-host Manny Siverio, his wife NY Mambo Instructor & Director
of the Addie-Tude Dance Co. Addie Diaz and NY Mambo 
Instructor David Negley take a moment from eating 
and dancing to pose for the camera. 

(L-R) Addie-Tude Dance Company Member 
Rich Goldman and Rodney Lopez (also a NY Mambo 
Instructor), taking a moment to cool off between 

(L-R) Addie Diaz and Manny Siverio trying to 
pose while SSK Co-Director Carlos Mendoza 
sneaks up behind them (complete with straw hat).

(L-R) Addie and Manny have a free moment 
to strike a pose before Carlos Mendoza can 
come back. 8-)

NY Mambo Instructor David Negley sitting down 
while his wife Lillian (pregnant and all) dances up 
a storm. 

Shut Up & Dance
One thing that can be said about the B&W Ball was that there was plenty of action on the dance floor.

(L-R) SalsaNewYork Co-Host Steve Shaw giving 
fellow NY dancer Earl some encouragement before 
heading out to the dance floor.

If Addie Diaz wasn't dancing she was in the 
middle of the dance floor snapping pictures 
of the crowd in action

Lillian & Rodney, stop dancing in the middle 
of the dance floor long enough to pose for 
the camera.

Lillian, Addie, Rodney, Rich and SSK Co-Director Toni Mendoza help the crowd tear the dance floor apart. Ouch! Will those feet be hurting in the morning!

So if you never been to an SSK B&W Ball Fundraiser, don't deprive yourself any further. Keep an eye out for next year's event and experience the joy of dance the Side Street Kid way









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