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Side Street Kids
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Santo Rico
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 Descarga Latina
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 Mambo Mario
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Duplessey Walker's Website
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 La Salsa de Hoy
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Jai & Candy's New On2 Website


Mambo Unico Studio
NY Site


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Latin & Afrocuban Dance Artist, Choreographer and Instructor.  - Learn the authentic body movements and techniques to Rumba - Yambu - Son Montuno -  Mambo - Cha-Cha - Merengue and more!
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On2 Productions
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Mambo Mamas 
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Abakua Dance Company
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Mambo On2
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Winsome Lee Website
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Mambo Show Down.Com
Mambo Show Down
NY On2 Performance Site


NY On2 Dance Attire


Sangre Nueva Dancers
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Salsa On 2
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Mambo City
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Manhattan Mambo
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  Online Dance Magazine
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Mambo Bash
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Chevere Dance Studio
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Seaon Dance Studio
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Ismael Otero Dance Co. NJ/NY Site
Yesenia Peralta's Site
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Salsabor dance Studio
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Manny Siverio

New Site for you Salsa Lovers with high speed connections to Check out:
Instead of just hearing Salsa Music online, be able to see clips of dancers stream online as songs play.


Welcome to the NEW look of the SalsaNewYork HomePage! We hope you enjoy the read. -Manny Siverio.


Meanwhile this March 12, 2005, The Side Street Kids Academy is having their annual Black & White Ball Fundraiser. Not only is this a great night of social dancing, but its also a really great way to put your ticket money to good use by helping out this worthy organization. The SSK teaches our kids culture, responsibility, leadership and yes how to dance. SalsaNewYork is a proud sponsor to the Side Street Kids Academy. Click Here for more information


 Directory Of Mambo Instructors



You want to learn how to dance? You looking to take classes or private sessions? Need to find an instructor in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan? Want to see who's teaching outside the NY Tri-State Area? Then check out our instructor directory.


 List of Instructional DVDs, Tapes & CDs

Timing CD's


You want to learn how to dance, but can't train with a professional mambo instructor? Or is it that you want to learn while in the comfort of your own home? Is so, then check out one of these Instructional Videos, DVDs or CDs.


 Directory of On2 Mambo Performing Groups

The Directory is a comprehensive list of "On 2" Mambo dance companies who have performed locally, around the country and around the world.

This listing provides photos, contact phone numbers, email addresses and website information.

Many of these groups are also associated with
instructors who have been reviewed by SalsaNewYork


Mix Master Directory of DJ's Who Play Classic Salsa For Mambo Dancer



Need a DJ? Then check out the SalsaNewYork Directory of Salsa DJ's. This list is provided as a way to contact these DJ's for those putting on a salsa event.


 Calendar of Events

Want to know when your favorite dance companies are performing? What clubs to go to? Who's DJ-ing? Which dance socials are happening this weekend? Then check out the SalsaNewYork Calendar of Events Web Page for this and much more.



  SalsaNewYork News Page



Want to know where to go? What to do? What's happening and other related News Stories? Then check out one of our most popular pages: The SalsaNewYork News Page. On it you'll find any local and international news (a.k.a. Bochinche to my fellow Puerto Ricans) which may be of interest to the NY On 2 dancers and visitors.



 List NY Studio Spaces Spaces!!!



Do you live in the city or are you visiting town for a couple of days? Need to rent a space to rehearse, practice with a partner, teach a class or give a private. Then check out our little Studio Space Directory



  SalsaNewYork Article Home Page 



Want to see more articles?? Then go to the SalsaNewYork article home page where we've listed articles into different categories (Beginner, Intermediate, Advance, NY Mambo Celebrities and Miscellaneous Articles).



  Photo of the Month:


Have a dance photo and would like to submit it to SalsaNewYork as Photo of the Month? Then email it to me at Please make sure to send it as a "jpeg" or "gif" attachment. The best image will be chosen to be the SalsaNewYork Photo of the Month. Click here for the latest photo of the month


TradeMark Smile: NY Mambo Instructor and Promoter of this year's
New York Salsa Congress David Melendez

New On Line Salsa Radio Stations
Want to listen to Salsa Music while your at work and online? Then check out some of these new links.
100 Percent Salsa

Latest On2 Website
Website to NY Mambo
Dancer & Instructor Nancy "La Chacon" Ortiz.

Atlanta Salsa Congress
Our very own Joe Burgos,
Director of the Piel Canela Dance Company
is promoting the Atlanta Salsa Congress
this upcoming October 21-23, 2005.
For More information email Joe at or
surf on over to
















New Visitors Welcome
If your new to the page then check out the dancer resource section with the "Out-Of-Town Salsero Tourist Page". Designed to help our Non-New York salsa brothers & sisters find their way around in both the dance scene and the city. Not to mention all the other little goodies we've been treating you too, like the "The Studio Rental Page", Steve Shaw's Alphabetical Table of Contents , and Photo of the Month (where we ask readers to submit email dance photos). Plus don't forget our comprehensive NY Instructor's Yellow Pages.
-Manny Siverio


New Articles this Month



SalsaNewYork News

Calendar of Events

Submit a Dance Article

NY Studio Rental Listing

Alphabetical Table of Contents for Entire Site

Out of Town Salsero
Tourist/Visitor Page

Outside NY Directory of
"On2" NY Style Mambo Instructors

Photo of the Month

Check out my Business 


In need of some good Salsa Music while at work on your computer work station. Then try surfing on over to one of these On-Line Salsa Websites

Click here to surf on over to
On-Line Radio Station

Click here to surf on over to
On-Line Radio Station

Click here to surf on over to
On-Line Radio Station


Learn To Dance
at Home

Can't get to NY to train with a professional mambo instructor? Or is it that you want to learn while in the comfort of your own home? If so, then check out one of these Instructional Videos/DVDs.



List of Instructional Products

Addie Diaz 
Ladies Styling Video


Elements Of Salsa
Vol 1: Salsa Leading Techniques
with Rodney Lopez



Salsa Made Simple
Louis Tirado

Salsa/Mambo Basics
& Ladies Spinning
Instructional DVD's & videos
from Thomas Guerrero of Santo Rico



Mambo D Unplugged- The Art of Partner Dancing Workshop Video



NY Style Mambo Turn Patterns
NY Style Mambo Shines
Nelson Flores & Descarga Latina


Jai & Candy Instructinal DVD
Turn Patterns Vol. 1
Shines Vol. 1
Candy Styling


SeaonVideo1.gif (62311 bytes) Seaon&Amanda3.gif (145322 bytes)
Seaon Bristol Mambo
Footwork & Shines
Spinning & Styling



Salsa New York Style...Video
NY Style Salsa
Mambo Unico Dance Studio



Timing CD's

Having trouble dancing on time? Want to better understand the clave and the tumbao? Want to practice listening drills at home, in your car or on the train? If so, then check out one of these timing CDs.

Mike Bello's AOTC
Practice & Coounting CD

Jai & Candy "Timing & Speed Instructional CD" - Want to know more about what I do besides mambo dancing, then click here and check out my NEW business website.



Want to see tons of photos of On2 Dancers having a great time
Then check out Pablo Munoz's website

Photo Gallery from 
Mambo On2 Web Site




Mambo Dance Shoes

Ladies Looking to find some dance shoes for Social Dancing or to perform in? Then Click here to check out what NY Via Japan Salsera Kazuko has in stock for you









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