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Compiled by Manny Siverio
Osmar Perrones  - Founder & Director of the Yamulee Dance Studio & Dance Company.

(Originally posted on Salsaweb NY 11/99)

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Osmar Perrones is a next generation New York Mambo Instructor that teaches out of Washington Heights. He is one of New York’s three leading Dominican Mambo Instructors and has been a member of such performance groups as The Descarga Latina Dance Company, The Fuerza Latina Dance Company, The Magic Touch Dance Company and is currently performing with The Santo Rico Dance Company. As a dancer he has traveled to such places like California, Boston, New Jersey, The Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo), Providence, Puerto Rico (during the 1st Congreso Mundial de la Salsa), not to mention in most NYC night clubs (i.e. Wild Palm, Side Street). He has also appeared on such TV programs like the Diamante show; music videos with such artists like Jose Alberto "El Canario", El Salsero Steve Falcon, Eve of the Ruff Riders "Wha Ya Want" music video; and in the documentary "Salsa, Meregue and Reggae". He teaches his main class over at the Club Deportivo Dominicano De New York (New York Dominican Sports Club) located 2088 Amsterdam Ave. (corner of 163rd Street). He has been teaching at this location for a little over 2 years (as of 11/99).

I finally had the pleasure of visiting Osmar’s class on a really stormy-windy-wet Tuesday night. While waiting for Osmar to arrive, I found his group of students very friendly and open. They seemed very excited and eager for the class to begin (always a sign of a good teacher). Then like a U.S. postman who makes his delivery regardless of weather conditions, a semi-drenched Osmar walked into class with his lovely assistant fellow Mambo Dancer Cindy Carrion (currently of The Santo Rico Dance Company). After a warm greeting from Osmar, he cheerfully invited me to participate in his class along with the rest of his students and went straight to work. The class began with a warm up session led by Cindy which consisted of a series of basic exercises designed to help improve a student’s flexibility. As the class progressed, I noticed that it was taught in a bi-lingual format (English-Spanish). Counting was done in English while instruction was offered in both English (mainly by Cindy) and Spanish (mainly by Osmar). This way students from both languages could benefit from the class.

After the warm the class was divided into 3 different groups (Beginners, Intermediate and Advance). The more advance students are taught by Osmar, while the beginners and intermediate students are led by Cindy and an assistant. The first half of Osmar’s class is dedicated to Open Floor Shines. Old shines are reviewed while new Shines are slowly broken down in a gradual step-by-step manner. Students are asked to quicken the execution of each shine as they retain the basic sequence of steps. Osmar begins to tie these shines together once several of them have been taught. At first he performs these sequence of shines in the order learned with a basic step in-between and later he eliminates the basic step to create a open floor shine routine for the day. Osmar is a very patient task-master. I’ve seen him drill a shine over, and over and over again until satisfied that everyone has it. These shines are first done without music (to the count of Osmar’s verbal command) and finally to music. Osmar’s choice of shines are high in energy (like his partner work) and can be characterized as a quick series steps, interesting shuffles and syncopated foot movements. You can tell that Osmar’s students are into his floor shine because you can see them reviewing them during break time and at the end of class.

The second half of the class centers on partner work. A total of at least three turn patterns are taught to the class. One for the beginner level, one for the intermediate level and one for the advance level. Osmar uses Cindy to demonstrate the turn pattern being taught to each group. Students are divided according to their level and begin to work on the turn pattern designed for their level. Osmar focuses his attention from group to group offering valuable partnering tips and breaking down patterns in a stop-and-go format. Patterns are done slow at first, then faster and faster at the speed of Osmar’s verbal command. Students are rotated from partner to partner so that everyone can get a chance to work everyone else. When a 2nd turn pattern is taught, it normally is designed to flow right after the first pattern. Finally the class is allowed to go through a practice session performing their turn pattern to music.

Name Style in a nutshell
If I were to describe Osmar Perrones style of dancing mambo to other instructors, I would say he has a very energetic Bronx Street Style of dancing, filled with a series of spins, turns combos, counter turns and hand changes. He has a very strong and aggressive lead. Many of the women training under his style of mambo dancing become multiple spinning experts out of sheer necessity and practice. Osmar is easy to pick out on the dance floor when performing because of what I call his trademark smile. It lights up his face. You can feel the joy and fun he is having on the dance floor as he "plays" with his partner. So if your looking for interesting turn patterns and floor shines in your dancing and want to learn to have fun on the dance floor with your partner then Osmar Perrones may be the instructor for you.

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Dance Company

Contact Info:


  • Osmar is currently available to teach private classes. Those interested should contact him directly to discuss fees and scheduling.


  • Osmar's classes cater to both children & adults.

Class Schedule:

Osmar Perrones

Yamulee Dance School
2435 Grand Concourse, 2nd floor
Bronx, NY, 10468.
Click Here for Google map showing location.

See their latest class schedule on their web site www.Yamulee.com .

Travel Instructions: 

Nearby subways & buses:  Closest trains are the D & B trains to the Fordham Road Station.  A few blocks farther is the #4 train to the Fordham Road Station.  For buses, the Bx1, Bx2, Bx12 & BxM4 all stop at Fordham Rd. & Grand Concourse.

By Car:  From the Cross Bronx Expressway, take the Jerome Avenue or Webster Avenue exit and head north to Fordham Road.  The Grand Concourse is in between Jerome & Webster Avenues.  Head south on Grand Concourse 1 block to E. 188th St.  The studio is on the southwest corner. 

From northern Manhattan (Washington Heights, Inwood) - Take Broadway north, then turn right onto 207th Street and continue across the bridge into the Bronx.  207th St. becomes Fordham Road.  Take Fordham Road to the Grand Concourse, turn right and go 1 block to just below E. 188th Street.  The Yamulee Studio is on your right, over a store.  The BxM4 bus goes along West 207th Street and crosses the bridge to the Bronx and runs along Fordham Road to Grand Concourse.

Parking:  There is street parking in the neighborhood.  There are also several nearby parking garages & lots at a reasonable cost for several hours.  See map of parking garages below.

For more information on public transportation, click on  NYC Subway-Bus-Train Maps , or NY-NJ PATH Train Maps or Long Island Railroad Maps or MetroNorth Railroad Maps . 

Instructors:  Osmar Perrones, Cindy Carrion, Rasove Ramirez, April Genovese de la Rosa

See Dance School Web Site for latest class schedule.


Class Fees/Tuition:

Classes are subject to change without notice  
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