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Please Note:  This event is different from the Orchard Beach Concert Series with live bands at the main stage kiosk in Section 9.
Click Here for the Concert event.   

This event is in Section 4 - 5 and is DJ only playing pure salsa, running for more than 50 years.
Click Here for newspaper article about this event.

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DATE OF EVENT Summer 2017 - Every Sunday from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend in September for more than 50 years.  Starts May 28th and goes through September 4th.  On Labor Day Weekend, the event is held on both Sunday, Sept. 3rd, and Monday, Sept. 4th.
TIME Approximately 1:00 to 6:00 PM, or maybe later.


Held in a huge open cement dancing area near the beach and trees (Sections 4 - 5, aka "Areas 4 - 5"), near the hockey / roller rink, at Orchard Beach in Pelham Bay Park.
VIEW LOCATION MAP Click Here For Map.  Travel instructions are below.
PRESENTED BY A long-running event put on by volunteer DJs who play classic salsa music for dancers.  Originally created & run by DJ Ernie Ensley and now run by Bronx veteran DJ Carlos Santiago.
CONTACT INFO Organizer & main DJ Carlos Santiago - Email CSantiago2009@aol.com - Phone 917-553-4398.  See Carlos' FaceBook Page .

Here are a couple of FaceBook pages covering this event:   FaceBook Page1  and FaceBook Page 2 .

The event happens every Sunday, except when there's bad weather, as it has for more than 50 years.  It's a Bronx salsa tradition.  "El condado de la salsa" - The salsa borough.

Orchard Beach is part of Pelham Bay NYC Park - Park office phone - 718-885-2275.

TYPE OF EVENT & VENUE A very casual outdoor event held in the summer in a huge cement dancing area next to the boardwalk and beach at Orchard Beach, Bronx.  It has run for more than 50 years and attracts hundreds of salsa lovers & dancers every Sunday.  Concessions nearby with food, beverages and restrooms.  See picture above.  Click Here for newspaper article about this event.  See our Summer Events Listing Policy
MUSIC Almost entirely pure classic salsa plus a little cha cha.
DJ Organizer & main DJ Carlos Santiago.  Also DJ Joe Manbo & occasional invited guest DJs.
DANCE FLOOR A huge cement dancing area.  Suede bottom Capezios not recommended.
BEVERAGES AND FOOD Food & beverages are available nearby at concessions, and there are grass and tree areas where people barbecue and hang out for the day.  You can bring your own beverages and food.
DRESS CODE Casual, shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits, jeans & t-shirts, what ever you wear at the park or beach, etc.


Most people are dancing on various salsa timings, such as On 1, On 2, side-to-side, or other timings.  If you want to be assured of dancing On 2, bring a partner or group.

DESCRIPTION Free.  Most Sundays (and an occasional other day if noted on our Calendar ), through the Labor Day weekend.  Time:  approximately 12:00 noon to 5:00 PM or maybe later.  This is an Orchard Beach tradition known to most of the local salseros.  Happening for more than 50 years, it was started by DJ Ernie Ensley who spun some excellent classic salsa and charanga, much of which had been personally recorded by him.  He had been going to local concerts and clubs for years and making live recordings of most of the major salsa bands.  After DJ Ernie passed away, other local DJs spontaneously took over playing at the event.  Organizer & main DJ Carlos Santiago.

Held in a huge open cement dancing area near the beach and trees (Sections 4 - 5, aka "Area 4 - 5"), this event has a very friendly, casual, laid back atmosphere, with everyone dancing in jeans, shorts & bathing suits, in sneakers, sandals or barefoot.  A few people dance On 2, while others dance On 1, side-to-side, ol' Cuban style, and every other way salsa can be done.  If you want to be assured of On 2 partners, you may wish to go with a partner or a group.  The beach is nearby just on the other side of the Boardwalk, so you can alternate between beaching, swimming and dancing.  There are also benches, tennis, handball & basketball courts, rollerblading, restrooms nearby.   Food & beverages are also available nearby in Section 5, and there are grass and tree areas where people barbecue and hang out for the day.  Consider bringing folding chairs, blanket, ice chest, radio, the works.  Please note:  This event is occasionally cancelled, such as for rain, so go there expecting "whatever....".  If it doesn't happen, there's always the beach, and City Island is right nearby with its seafood restaurants.  But most of the time, it happens....and it's happening.  Click Here for newspaper article about this event.  See our Summer Events Listing Policy.


By Car:  Take Hutchinson River Parkway, Bruckner Expressway or Bronx & Pelham Parkway.  Get off at "City Island & Orchard Beach" exits.  Continue by following signs to Orchard Beach, generally staying left through any unmarked intersections, until you come to the huge main Orchard Beach parking lot on your right.  From the parking lot, walk toward the water and the Boardwalk.  At the Boardwalk, turn left and walk a few hundred feet to "Section [Area] 4 - 5".  On your left will be a large outdoor pavement dancing area, and you'll hear the music.  Or, if you can walk from the left corner of the parking lot closest to the beach (when facing in the direction of the beach), the gravel path will take you directly to the dancing as you near the beach.  The dancing area is near the hockey / roller rink.  Click Here For Map .  Orchard Beach is part of Pelham Bay NYC Park .

By Bus:  Bx12, Bx29, Bx5, Bx52, and Westchester Line number 45 serve the park. Orchard Beach is served by the Bx5 and Bx12 buses during the summer only. During the winter, take the Bx29 to the City Island Circle and walk to the beach.  From Manhattan, the Bx 12 Select Service bus goes from W. 207th St. & Broadway all the way to Orchard Beach in the summers.  The A and #1 trains stop at the 207th St. Station.

By Subway:  Take the 6 line to its last stop, Pelham Bay Park. Connect to bus (see above).

Parking:  There is a huge parking lot which costs a few dollars.  Well worth the convenience, plus you have no choice because there's no other areas allowed for parking.

For more information on public transportation, click on NYC Subway-Bus-Train Maps , or NY-NJ PATH Train Maps or Long Island Railroad Maps or MetroNorth Railroad Maps or HopStop.


Please Note - Disclaimer:  New York City area summer outdoor salsa events in general are subject to program changes and occasional cancellations for various reasons (band, DJ, weather, administrative mix-ups, etc.), so don't be too surprised if this happens.  And the music may not always be as "pure salsa" as we would like.  Also, the dancing conditions may be less than ideal, for example concrete, grass, dirt, sand, etc., so bring footwear that prepares you for any surface.  I will state the dancing surface if I know what it is.  My information comes from the most reliable sources I can find.  In most cases, the information turns out to be accurate, but occasionally it is not.  "It's the nature of the beast."

See our Summer Events Listing Policy



Article From the Wall Street Journal - August 18th, 2012

Swinging Outside For Salsa Sunday

DJs set up their equipment and play Latin music greats like Oscar D'León, Tito Puente and Celia Cruz—music that once dominated the city's dance club scene. And fans of the music unfold their lawn chairs and set up coolers stocked with snacks and beer, ready to enjoy the show.

For about 50 years, the Bronx's only beach has hosted the so-called Salsa Sundays, a chance to mambo, cha-cha and take in the music that has become a reminder of another generation.

"The music we play here, it's almost forgotten but we're not about to let that happen," said Joseph Santiago, 55 years old and one of three DJs who has kept the party going throughout the years. "That's why a lot of people come here, because they can hear classic songs," said Mr. Santiago, who is known as "Joe Mambo" and lives in Flushing, Queens.

The late Ernie Ensley, credited as the creator of the dance parties, first heard that music as a black teenager from the Bronx in the 1950s venturing to venues like the Palladium, Village Gate and El Hipocampo. Mr. Ensley was a natural, his friends say, and was soon hired as a dancer at the Palladium.

"He was such a smooth dancer," recalled Edith Rodriguez, a 70-year-old retired interior designer who has attended Salsa Sundays since she was a teenager. "He was elegant in white tails. To see him dance in his tuxedo was a pleasure."

Mr. Ensley quickly became a trusted friend of many salsa musicians and began recording their live performances. It wasn't long before the dancer was inspired to share his music, fashioning an ad hoc DJ station out of car batteries, a converter and speakers atop a shopping cart, setting up his contraption on the beach to draw groups of people eager to dance.

"The guys would stomp on the sand until they made it hard so they could have a dance floor," recalled 70-year-old Millie Cruz, who has danced at the beach since her girlhood.

Eventually Mr. Ensley acquired city permits and moved his party to a nearby lot. Before he died last fall at age 76 of diabetes complications, his friends took him to his very last Salsa Sunday in August. By that time Mr. Ensley had already had a leg amputated. Friends say he was transported from the nursing home by ambulance to Orchard Beach.

The lot was packed with people and surrounded with banners that read: "Welcome Home."

And Mr. Ensley's dancing legacy continues on with full community support. Hector Aponte, the Bronx's Parks Commissioner, frequently makes an appearance in his shorts and sports jersey to watch the dancers.

He said the city charges an annual $25 fee to obtain permits for the weekly event. "The whole Bronx wants to keep this going," he said. "Starting from the borough president and down."

As a young man, Mr. Aponte said he had the salsa bug. His Saturday late nights were spent with friends at dance clubs, then the group would sleep on Orchard Beach at dawn, before joining the Salsa Sunday crowd in the late afternoon to mambo yet again.

At the al fresco ballroom, men lead women to the dance floor, and old ladies gossip and sing along to the familiar songs. It's not long before more than a dozen couples are whirling and twirling.

Many types of dance steps and styles make up this dynamic music tradition, which draws its influences from Cuban, African, Caribbean and other cultures. At Salsa Sundays the group mostly sticks to a simple six-step mambo (left, right, left, pause, right, left, right).

In the stifling heat, Frank Rivera, 54, mamboed with his girlfriend Olga Berrios, 50, and held her close. "Things change but salsa never changes," he said. "The only thing that changes is I'm older now."


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Special thanks to salsero Amir Shimoni for design and technical help in the creation of these events pages.
See his web site www.MamboPics.com for photographs of the people, events and performers of the New York & New Jersey mambo scene.

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