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SalsaNewYork Mambo Instructors Yellow Pages
-by Manny Siverio

Copyright © 2006 Manny Siverio.  All rights reserved.

Welcome to the SalsaNewYork Mambo Instructor Home Page

This page contains all the reviews I originally posted on Salsaweb/NY, along with ton of brand new material published here for the first time. According to our Mambo Instructor Policy our listing is divided into three simple categories for the New York area. Each list of names is organized in alphabetical order (by instructor's first name) and is hyper-linked directly to their review/listing along with any other information we may currently have on that instructor on our SalsaNewYork Database.

We have also provided you with a listing of a few "ON 2" Mambo Instructors Outside the New York/New Jersey Area

Finally we've added one more section to this page (as of 7/15/02), which contains miscellaneous information that people may be interested in looking at when considering mambo dance instructor. 

Steve and I hope this helps. In the meantime, "See ya on the dance floor!"
-Manny Siverio

Scroll down for more.

Local New Yorkers:
So if you are a local New Yorker who has got that itch to learn to dance Salsa/Mambo, this is the page for you.

Out Of Towners:
Perhaps you're an out-of-town Salsero here to visit NY.  Well no stay would be complete without taking classes with some of NY’s finest mambo instructors. It wouldn’t hurt to pick up a couple of pointers or maybe a turn pattern or two that you can take back home and show off to your friends.   Variety helps spice things up.  I’ve noticed that NY dancers do things a bit differently than the rest of the country. As they say, "when in Rome".  Also, see our dancer's Visitors Guide .

SalsaNewYork Mambo Instructor Policy
SalsaNewYork will be more than happy to consider posting "On 2" mambo instructors on our Instructors Home Page who teach ONLY "On 2" exclusively, and who ONLY teach the "Eddie Torres New York style" using the 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 timing.  In other words, they do NOT teach any other timings and styles of dancing to salsa such as On 1, On 4, rueda, Cuban, ballroom, Colombian, etc.  We do this as a public service to our On 2 readers. 

We currently list only specific individual instructors.  We do not list studios.

In order to qualify, you must be teaching "On 2" group classes, or have a reliable lengthy track record as a private On 2 instructor, for several years that we've known you personally. You must have made a commitment to teaching ONLY On 2 in the "Eddie Torres / New York style", and no other style/timing of dancing to salsa.  You must have been teaching for quite a while, be able to teach all levels from beginner to advanced, and have built up a following of On 2 students and a good reputation.  You must be active and known in our local "On 2" mambo community so that we and other On 2 dancers have personally come to know you for several years in our socials, clubs or congress.  We need to have seen you dance socially with different partners of different levels from beginner to advanced, including those you don't know, and perform (if you do).  We must be able to speak to people we know personally who have learned to dance On 2 with you.  Neither Steve Shaw nor myself are claiming to be experts in Mambo Instruction, but we have been around enough of the best to know what people need from a good instructor. 

If you think you qualify, please email me your resume & bio at Manny@MannySiverio.com  , with a copy of your material to Steve Shaw at salsa@nyc.rr.com . Remember to include such important information as your instructors names, any performing experience, teaching experience, current class times & tuition, days, location (Queens, Bronx, etc.), directions to location (car and public transportation), contact phone numbers, email address (if available), website address (if available) and class level (beginner, intermediate and or advance). Please try to include a jpeg headshot that can be posted along with your listing/review.  However, please do not apply if you do not
satisfy all our guidelines listed above.

Our instructor listing is a free service that we provide to all qualified NY "On 2" Mambo dance Instructors.  In essence, we are providing you (the mambo instructor) with your very own web-page.  All we ask in return is that you provide a link to our website from yours (if you have one), and to include our URL (www.SalsaNewYork.com) on your class flyers and other business literature (for example XYZ Dance Studio/Dance Classes listed on www.SalsaNewYork.Com, or "approved SalsaNewYork.com Mambo Instructor"). Finally, we reserve the right to decide whether to post this information on SalsaNewYork or not. Posting of Instructor information is not an endorsement by SalsaNewYork.com until classes have been officially reviewed. This is done as a means of guaranteeing our readers both a list of top notch NY Mambo Instructors and to help protect SalsaNewYork's name and integrity.

In the meantime, I  wish you all, happy instructor hunting. See you on the dance floor real soon. - Manny Siverio


Below please find SalsaNewYork.com's reviewed list of Mambo Instructors.  Each listing should contain several if not all of the following information: Instructor Review, tuition (fees), class time/dates, class level (beginner, intermediate and or advance), borough classes are taught in (Queens, Bronx, etc.), directions to class location (car and/or public transportation), contact phone numbers, e-mail address (if available), website address (if available), instructor headshot, instructional dance videos (if any), if they teach children and links to any additional articles pertaining to that specific instructor. 

Important Reminder!: Please make sure to contact the instructor to confirm that their teaching information is correct and up-to-date.  Also, many of these instructors now have their own web sites, so try Google searching them by name.


 Instructor's Name

Teaching Location 

Addie Diaz


Carlos Vasquez - La Salsa De Hoy Studio BROOKLYN
David Melendez's Starlite Dance Studio BRONX
Delille Thomas - Mambo D MIDTOWN MANHATTAN
Ismael Otero NEW JERSEY
Jorday Rivera - Mambo's Finest QUEENS
Luis Zegarra NEW JERSEY
Nydia Ocasio DOWNTOWN
Osmar Perrones - Yamulee Dance Studio  BRONX
Side Street Kids  -  Carlos & Toni Mendoza BRONX
Thomas Guererro  -  Santo Rico Dance Studio UPPER EASTSIDE
Vittico "La Magia" Pacheco BRONX

More Instructors:

Instructor's Name

Teaching Location

Al Zagami   Manhattan, Bronx
Almyra Ayos - Casa de la Salsa              Manhattan
Amanda Estilo Manhattan & New Jersey
Amaryllis Cintron Manhattan & New Jersey
Arelis Beato - Tropical Image Dance Studio Brooklyn
April Genovese de la Rosa New York, Boston & Stamford
Brenda Ramos Manhattan & New Jersey
Brett McNichols Manhattan, Westchester
Cee Cee Williams - Revelation Dancers Manhattan
Cynthia La China Manhattan & Brooklyn
Desiree Dicupe Manhattan
Duplessey-Monic Walker Manhattan
Edward Quiros Manhattan & White Plains NY
Frankie Martinez - Abakua Dance Studio Manhattan
Geovonnie Williams Westchester
Frank "Ritmo" Garcia Manhattan
Glenda Heffer Lower Manhattan
Howie Lorenz - Lorenz Dance Studio Glendale, Queens
Jami Josephson Manhattan
Javier & Sweety - SalsaBeat Dance Studio New Jersey
Joe Burgos - Piel Canela Dance Studio Manhattan
Joel Dominguez Manhattan
Jocelyn Mendez Manhattan
Kimberly Flores   Manhattan
Liz Hernandez Bronx
Marcus Gonzalez - Salsa Salsa Dance Studio Brooklyn
Marcus Nieves - MDN Dance Studio      Belleville, New Jersey
Mario J. Gonzalez a.k.a "Mario B." New Jersey
Marisol Ramirez - Latin Fever Dance Studio Brooklyn
Nancy Ortiz   Manhattan
Oscar Diaz   Queens
Paul & Cathy Calderon  Brooklyn
Pricilla Renta   Manhattan, New Jersey
Raul Santiago  Manhattan
Rodney Lopez   Manhattan
Ruby Espinosa - Mambo Bravo Dance Studio   Jackson Heights, Queens
Shani Talmor Manhattan & New Jersey
Smiling David - Smiling David Dance School Newark, NJ
Stracy Diaz Manhattan & Bronx
Victor Mayovanex  -  Karisma Dance Studio Upper West Manhattan
Winsome Lee Sanchez Manhattan
Yesenia Peralta - Yesenia's House of Dance   New Jersey


Out of Town "On2" NY Style Mambo Instructors Listing

Outside NY  -  "On2 NY Style Mambo" Instructors: 

Below is a general listing of "NY On 2 Style" Mambo Instructors who teach outside the NY/NJ area.  The people on this list all teach according to the "NY On 2 Mambo Style" Definition established on the SalsaNewYork.com website.

This listing is not meant to serve as an endorsement, but more as a public service to our out-of-town readers and fellow New Yorkers.  Think of it as yet another one of our efforts to provide you with the most complete listing of "NY On 2 Mambo" instructors both in and outside the NYC area.  We hope that it can be used as a search method for fellow New Yorkers visiting other cities who are seeking to connect with the local "On 2" scene.  And we also hope that it helps people in those cities locate NY style instructors without having to travel all the way to New York.  Of course, we do cordially invite you to come visit New York and to immerse yourself in the very rich local On 2 scene, with so many instructors, workshops, socials, clubs and fellow On 2 partners to dance with.  As the true home of  "NY Style On 2 Mambo", with its unique style and intensity, there can be no real substitute for a pilgrimage here to the source.  And we have provided a dancer's Visitors Guide to help you with that dream trip here.

Below, our listing of On 2 Instructors Outside-of-NY/NJ is arranged in the order of how close the instructors are to NY.  For example, a Boston instructor would be listed before a Florida Instructor, who would be listed before a California instructor.  The only way we can list an instructor is if we know them PERSONALLY from their being here in the On 2 community of New York City.  We're sorry but we cannot list anyone who we do not know personally.  Each listing should contain several if not all of the following information: tuition (fees), class time/dates, class level (beginner, intermediate and or advance), location classes are taught in, directions to class location (car and/or public transportation if available), contact phone numbers, e-mail address (if available), website address (if available), instructor headshot, instructional dance videos (if any), if they teach children and links to any additional articles pertaining to that specific instructor. 

Important Reminder!: Please make sure to contact the instructor to confirm that their teaching information is correct and up-to-date.


Instructor's Name

Teaching Location

Addie Diaz White Plains, Westchester County, NY
Al Zagami   Added 10/02 NY & Connecticut
April Genovese De La Rosa   Added 7/02 NY, Connecticut & Boston
David Melendez  -  Starlite Dance Studio

         ORLANDO, FL & BRONX

Manuel Martinez Washington DC
Shaka Brown   Added 7/02 Washington DC/Baltimore-Maryland
Rosa Valenzuela   Added 7/02 Washington DC/Baltimore-Maryland
Milton & James Cobo   Added 7/02 North Carolina
Harry Fry Phoenix, Arizona
Seaon "Stylist" Bristol Los Angeles
Mike Bello Los Angeles
Stracy Diaz    Added 10/02 NY and Los Angeles
Audrianna Correra San Francisco
Miguel Rodriguez Puerto Rico
Jason Naraine & Amanda Nicholas of Manhattan Mambo- UK   Added 7/02 London, UK
Sai Hong Lee/Deanne Chandler London, England-UK
Robert & Jean White London, England-UK
Clifford Jasmin   Added 7/02 Paris, France
Wakana    Added 7/02 Tokyo/Yokohama, Japan
Carlos Domae   Added 7/02 Hiroshima, Japan
Takahiro Ozaki    Added 7/02 Osaka, Japan
Joseph Ennin & Rita Choi  Added 7/02 Hong Kong, China
Jesus Nieves Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania


Interested in having your child learn how to dance mambo? Want to pass on culture, social skills and an art form to your kids? Then read on, this section is for you.

They say that children are the seeds of our future. Passing our culture and knowledge to our kids help to both tie them to our past and build the bridge for them to span the future. Mambo dancing is a part of our “Latin Heritage” and should be something shared with our future generations. Though our Instructor Directory offers quite an extensive list of mambo teachers, few allow kids to participate in their classes. Even fewer offer kids classes. Fortunately for us New Yorkers, there are two dance studios that specialize and cater primarily to our youth. They are

Both schools accept boys and girls. David Melendez is the Director of the Starlite Dance Studio; while Carlos & Toni Mendoza are the Co-Directors of the Side Street Kids. Both schools are located in the Bronx and just a few blocks from one another. Each organization has been around for a number of years and has produced quality young dancers. Both the Starlite Dance Studio and the Side Street Kids provide annual dance recitals, march in parades and organize other family oriented activities. Each organization is also known for their performance teams. Starlite mainly has their Heartbreak Boys dance group, while the Side Street Kids Academy have their Side Street Kids Dance Team. So nurture your child’s mind, keep them off the streets and away from drugs and violence. Get them to learn the anti-drug, have them dance MAMBO. My advise to those interested in having their kids join one of these two studios is to visit and ask questions before deciding which school is best for your child.

  • Click here to read the SalsaNewYork Instructor Review on The Side Street Kids Co-Directors Carlos & Toni Mendoza

  • Click here to surf on over to the Side Street Kids Website

  • Click here to read the SalsaNewYork Instructor Review on Starlite’s Director David Melendez

  • Click here to surf on over to the Starlite Website

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