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by Steve Shaw  -  Salsa@nyc.rr.com




See our List of Good Salsa Songs and our List of Good Cha Cha Songs.  Also see our Directory of Mambo DJs .

If you are a performer, see our section Making & Caring For Performance CDs.  This describes how to make a proper CD for performing to, how to care for it and how to deliver it to the DJ, so that the song plays all the way through and doesn't skip or stop playing and, thereby, ruin your performance routine..

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Here are some Guidelines for Mambo DJs.  These guidelines represent the opinions, criticisms and suggestions of several hundred On 2 mambo dancers and several mambo DJ's who I have spoken with over the many years I have been going to Latin clubs and mambo socials.  They represent a consensus of what kind of music selection and DJ technique works best for our way of dancing.  Let me emphasize:  These opinions only represent On 2 mambo dancers who go to an event and want to dance song after song.  They do not represent the opinions of On 2 dancers who only dance a few songs and spend the rest of the evening sitting around & talking or watching.  And they do not represent any other types of people at a salsa club or event such as dancers on other timings or non-dancers such as spectators, music listeners, socializers, bar flies, DJs, musicians, promoters, drinkers, critics or anyone else.  Only On 2 mambo dancers who dance a lot are being represented here.

On 2 mambo dancers usually prefer classic salsa music with a strong danceable rhythm.   The word "classic" does not mean "old";  it refers to a certain classic style of salsa music.  The rhythm structure is based on either the 2/3 or 3/2 son clave, and the sound is one very much associated with Caribbean Latino and New York bands.  This is not to say that bands with other backgrounds or from other locations do not play songs that fit our way of dancing.  Some of our favorite dance songs come from bands whose roots are far from New York, but it is only when those songs have this "classic New York sound & rhythm" that they are compatible with our On 2 dance timing and style.  See History & Evolution of our Music.

We do not generally like to dance to what is called "Latin jazz" nor most of the salsa heard on pop Latin radio stations such as La Mega, salsa which is referred to as "pop", "commercial" or "romantica".  To give a better idea of the style of music we don't like to dance to, with a few exceptions most (though not all) of the songs of the following singers & bands would fall into this category: 

Brenda Starr, Luis Damon, DLG, Alex D'Castro, Adolescents Orchestra, Nino Segarra, Jerry Rivera, Michael Stuart, Isidro Infante, India, Johnny Rivera, Tito Rojas, Mark Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Giro, Luis Enrique, Rey Ruiz, Domingo Quinones, Eddie Santiago, Frankie Negron, Cano Estremera and others of this style.

While there are many DJs out there playing Latin music, unfortunately a lot of them play the more commercial "pop" or "radio" salsa along with merengue, bachata, rock en Español, Reggaeton and house music.  Some DJs destroy portions of the original songs by repeating or "looping" certain sections,  and by "mixing" two songs together at their ends & beginnings, all of which destroys the natural rhythm and count, and isn't conducive to our way of dancing.  Other DJs play a large percentage of salsa songs which have a different rhythm & sound style than what goes best with our On 2 timing & way of moving, such as "Cuban", charanga, Latin jazz salsa, salsa romantica, bomba, plena or antique salsa.

Guidelines For DJ's -  Here are some guidelines for DJ's if they want to please the majority of On 2 mambo social dancers:

1.  Play For The Dancers - Remember:  you are playing music for serious dancers to dance to.  We have worked very hard to learn this complicated dance to a very specific type of music, and that is what we come to pure mambo events for.  This is not music for general/casual club dancers, listeners only, people drinking at the bar, musicians, other DJ's who might be in the house, celebrities or celebrity watchers, folks at a pickup club, salsa dancers who dance in a different style, etc.  We dancers want to ask someone to dance, have a nice dance with them to music we know which has a clear beginning and end, finish the dance within a reasonable period of time, and not be bored by the same style or speed of music being played continuously for hours.  We are very specific about the music we want to dance to.  A successful DJ will excel in giving us this specific music.  A successful DJ will play music as if he/she were out there on the dance floor the way we dancers are.  Unlike everyone else in the club or social, including the so-called "Latin music experts" and the DJs themselves, we dancers spend hours & hours dancing to one song after another with different partners.  And more than anyone else, we know best what music goes with our way of dancing.  Some DJs make the mistake of playing music which we may not like but the DJ thinks he/she is going to "educate us" in what type of music we should dance to.  This is a mistake.  Play what we like, not what you think we ought to like.

2.  Leave The Song Alone -  NEVER "loop" or "mix" or "scratch" songs for On 2 dancers -  "Looping" is when a DJ repeats one part of a song over and over.  "Mixing" is when a DJ blends the ending section of one song with the beginning section of the next song.  These are absolute "no no's" to pure On 2 mambo dancers.  The reason is that we dance to an 8 count "dancer's measure" (actually two 4 beat measures put together), and the "looping" and "mixing" changes the count so that we end up being off timing.  Also, these manipulations of the music are unpredictable, so we cannot choreograph our dancing to the music.  "Looping" and "mixing" are DJ's toys, and they are very disrespectful to the the musicians' songs and destructive to how we On 2 mambo dancers dance.  Don't do it!  This issue has been strongly felt for years and has become a major prohibition, like the 11th Commandment:  "Thou Shalt Not Mix Salsa!".  Read the excellent article on this subject called "DJs Listen Up"  from www.UtahSalsa.com .

The one modification to a song that is very occasionally OK is slowing down a very fast song's tempo a little bit.  There are a few very fast salsa songs which are way too fast to dance to smoothly and attractively, but which do have an excellent dancer's rhythm and great melody line.  If a DJ has the technical equipment to slow down the song's tempo without changing the key, this may be done to bring the song's tempo down to a speed which makes it possible for us to dance to. 

3.  Let The Song End Completely - The musicians composed a specific ending to the song, and we dancers choreograph our movements to be timed to that ending.  We may even do a certain turn, shine or dip right at the end of the song.  We want a pause to allow for the feeling, key and rhythm of that song to emotionally complete itself before we start another song with a new partner.  To us, each song and each partner is unique, so we need a little pause between each song, perhaps just 1 or 2 seconds, to make the emotional transition feel natural.  When DJs start another song instantly, or "mix" in the beginning of the next song with the ending of the last song, they destroy what the composer, musician and dancer are trying to do artistically.  Perhaps these DJ's no longer hear and appreciate how different each song is.  Perhaps all the songs are the same to them, so they just run all the songs together with no separating pause between them, as if it's all one song for the whole evening.  Obviously, these DJ's are not On 2 mambo dancers!

There are also times when we want to finish dancing with the particular partner we are with.  It may be because there's another person we want to dance with, or because we are not enjoying dancing with our current partner, and we want to finish as soon as possible.  When a DJ "mixes" the end of one song with the beginning of another, or doesn't put a short pause between songs, it doesn't give us a definite signal that the song is over and it makes it more difficult to "gracefully" stop dancing with this particular partner.  Some partners want to keep dancing, but we may want to stop.  Give us a clear break between songs.   

One of the reasons that commercial DJs may give for "mixing" when they move from one song to another, when they don't let the song end, is that they want to keep the dancers from leaving the floor.  By blending 2 songs together, they want to keep the dance floor full at all times.  These DJs do not understand our way of dancing.  We want to dance one song with one partner from beginning to end.  Then we want to stop dancing with that partner and start dancing with another partner who is standing on the edge of the dance floor.  Therefore, we have to stop dancing to the first song, walk to the edge of the floor, ask the next person to dance, walk back out onto the dance floor and then start dancing to the next song with a new partner.  We do not keep dancing to song after song with the same partner.  So we need the DJ to completely finish each song all the way to the final beat, give us a little pause, then start the next song, so we can move to our next partner.  DJs:  Please pay attention.  This is what we want!

4.  Give Us Classic Salsa Sound, Strong Dancer's Rhythm, Lyrics And A Nice Melody Line -   We need all 4 of these features.  Some songs have great rhythm but no melody line.  What is melody?  It means we can sing or hum along with the tune while we're dancing.  Yes, we move to the rhythm, but don't forget that the melody and also the words provide the feeling and meaning to our dancing.  Most mambo dancers love it when one or both of the partners is singing along with the song while they're dancing, as if we're serenading each other.  So DJs, give us music with rhythm we can move to, and melody we can sing along with.

5.  Give Us Variety -  A good DJ should play a variety of salsa songs with that classic salsa sound , strong "dancer's rhythm", and a nice melody line, including slow, medium and fast, hard core percussive as well as somewhat lyrical and romantic, older and newer songs, etc.  A mambo dance crowd includes beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers, and they each have different taste in salsa music as well as varying ability.  Beginners cannot keep up with fast music and, surprisingly, some so-called advanced dancers loose their timing in slow songs.  So give us variety.  See our Song List for hundreds of suggestions.

6.  Give Us Diversity -  The DJ should provide a diversity, not get stuck in playing just one kind of salsa such as all fast songs, all old songs or all hard-core percussion songs.  And don't be afraid to play some of the more melodic, suave, modern, slower or "salsa romantica" songs, as long as they have a  strong "dancer's rhythm".  Here are some examples:  "Madre" by Melcochita.  "Ven" by Jose Bello.  "La Soledad" by Ismael Rivera.  "Perdoname" by Gilberto Santa Rosa.  "Cara De Nino" by Jerry Rivera.  "Cancion" by La Sonora Poncena.  "Me Dices Que Te Vas" by Miles Pena.  "Lady" by Orquesta Palabra.  "Sin Sentimientos" by Grupo Niche.  "Esperare A Que Decidas" by Tony Vega.  "El Manisero" by Willie Chirino.  "Apiadate De Mi" and "Solo Contigo" by Victor Manuel.  "La Fe Tiene Calentura" by Alfredo de la Fe.  "Mascarada" by Johnny Ray.  "Quiero Olvidarte Y No Puedo" by Erick.  "Tengo Una Copa De Vino" by Raulin Rosendo.  "Para Darte Fuego" by Frankie Ruiz.  "Thinking of You" by Lenny Kravitz.  "Marca Mi Numero" by Justo Betancourt.  "Mujer Celosa" by El Gran Combo.  These are only a few examples of the many classic medium or slow speed songs that are out there which are excellent to dance to.  With hundreds of great songs to choose from, there's no reason for a DJ to get stuck in a rut playing only one style of song.

7.  Expand The Selection -  Some DJ's feel that they should only play only fast hard-core percussive songs like those by Tito Puente.  But there are some very melodic and powerful songs by other artists that will make the dancers go wild.  Many DJs just focus on the rhythm, but they forget the melody.  Here are some examples of songs with beautiful melodies as well as strong dancer's rhythms:  "Fuego A La Jicotea" by Marvin Santiago.  "Mama Kyelele" by Ricardo Lemvo.  "Cinco A Diez" and "Besitos De Coco" by Azabache.  "Santo Domingo" and "El Curandero" by Raulin Rosendo.  "Qui Qui Qui Qui" by Andy Montanez.  "Y Eso Duele" by Gilberto Santa Rosa.  "Yay Boy" and "Ken Moussoul" by Africando.  "Si Tu No Vienes, No Bailas Conmigo" and "Si Te Busco En El Baile" by Edwin Bonilla.  "Rumbera" by Willie Chirino.  "Sonando" "La Guitarra" and "Tu Carino Se Me Va" by Erick.  "Etnia" by Grupo Niche.  "Chotorro" by Madera Fina.  "Que Me Lo Den En Vida", "Amparame", "Ponme El Alcolado Juana", "El Menu", "Mundy Baja" and "Azuquito P'al Cafe" by Gran Combo.  "Ahora Me Da Pena" by Henry Fiol.  There are many more.

8.  Songs Not Too Long -  The majority of songs should not be too long, usually 4 - 6 minutes.  Our dance is pretty intense & complicated, so after 5 - 6 minutes we need a break;  we're getting tired and probably running out of turn patterns.  Also, there are so many wonderful partners available that we want a song to end so that we can dance with someone else.  And if we are stuck with a partner we don't enjoy dancing with, we don't want to have to dance longer than few minutes.  A long song can be hell with the wrong partner.

9.  Play Many Familiar Songs -  At least half of the songs which the DJ plays should be known to the dancers, well known classics, because we plan how we dance based on our familiarity with the songs.  We may do certain turn patterns, shines, styling or dips at specific points in a song, or sing or hum along with the song almost as if we're serenading our partner, so we want to hear many songs we know.  Some DJ's feel they have to frequently play "something new" or the most recent songs from the radio.  That's a mistake.  Give us a lot of what we know so that we can dance along with it.  This is not to say that a DJ should not play any new songs at all.  Some new songs are fine, though it should be chosen carefully to be suitable for our dance.  That means it should have a good strong "dancer's rhythm" and it should not have repeated "clave changes".  Don't play something just because it's new.  DJs should remember that although they may be spinning many times per week for 5 - 6 hours, we are only dancing a couple of times per week for a couple hours.  So while a DJ may be getting bored with certain songs, we are not getting bored because we are not hearing those songs as often.  The DJ should play for us, not for him/her self.  Plus, there are virtually hundreds of wonderful classic salsa dance songs available.  Playing the latest songs (often given to DJs free by record companies) may be easier, but it is no excuse for not building up their collection of, and familiarity with, the great dance classics.  These songs are classics because they work well with our specific timing & style of dancing.  Finally, songs of a "Latin jazz" style should be kept to a minimum since they are more for listening rather than dancing in our specific way. 

10.  If You Want The Best Sound Quality, Don't Use A Computer With MP-3 Music Files - The sound quality of music from an MP-3 file, even at 320 kbps, does not sound as good as the same song played directly from a standard CD, or a computer using full-size .WAV files, when using high-end sound equipment or professional DJ sound systems.  The range of the sound spectrum is not as broad nor as clean.  There is a predominance of midrange and higher sounds and the overall sound is more "flat", with less "depth" and richness.    Although MP-3 files, often downloaded from the internet, may sound similar to a CD when listening on a small device such as an IPOD or on a boom box or car radio, a comparison test on higher end and professional equipment shows a noticeable difference.  For a scientific test comparison, see http://www.stereophile.com/features/308mp3cd/

The reason for this lack of CD quality sound is that a regular 5 minute salsa song on a CD, or in a .WAV file, is approximately 50 megabytes of program material.  The same song compressed into an MP-3, 320 kbps,  format is only 12 megabytes.  That's 38 megabytes of the song's program data missing, and that missing information is what makes the sound quality worse with an MP-3.  Even though MP-3 compressed files utilize software to try to correct for the missing program material, it simply cannot compensate for the missing 38 megabytes.  It's just not possible.  Overall, the best quality sound comes from a standard CD or from a full size .WAV file.  And if you're worried about storage space on your laptop's hard drive, remember that 5000 full-length salsa songs in .WAV files is only 250 gigabytes.  Most laptops these days come with 500 gigabyte hard drives and many DJs are carrying around compact portable hard drives that have another 500 gigabytes or even 1 terabyte.  If a salsa DJ can't do a decent job with 5000 good songs available in their collection, they've got a big problem.  And, by the way, www.Fania.com now has some of the Fania music collection available for download in .WAV file format. 

11.  After A Performance, Play Medium Speed Familiar Classic Salsa Songs -  After a performance by dance groups or a band, most people want to get up and dance to salsa.  Often they have been standing still for the last 30 minutes or more and they are eager to start dancing.  The DJ should play several medium speed familiar classic salsa songs so that everyone can dance.  Many DJ's make the mistake of playing very fast salsa songs, or merengue, bachata or English music, after performances because they think people want a change.  This is a mistake.  Hopefully we have been inspired and excited by the salsa performances and we want to dance.  If the songs are too fast, or are not salsa, most people will not dance and will be frustrated.  So after performances, DJ's should play solid  medium speed salsa that is familiar to everyone, strong rhythmic classics in the style of  "Que Me Lo Den En Vida" by Gran Combo, "Mama Kyelele" by Ricardo Lemvo, "Ken Moussoul" by Africando, "Caravan" by Eddie Torres Mambo Kings Orchestra, "Un Poquito Más" by Jimmy Bosch, "Quiero Olvidarte Y No Puedo" by Erick, and others.

12.  Sound And Lighting -  And very important:  The volume should not be too loud.  Loud volume ruins the music and is harmful to the ears long-term (the damage is cumulative over the years).  To judge loudness, ask some dancers in the crowd who are at least in their 40's or more.  The DJ should step out into the center of the dance floor at least every hour to check the sound level and also balance of treble, midrange and bass.  The balance should be comfortable and not extreme, and especially the bass should be clear so that we can hear the rhythm, but it should not be excessive and "boomy".  Remember that some songs have more volume or bass than others in the recording, so be prepared to constantly adjust loudness & balance for each song if necessary.  Also, there should be adequate lighting, not too dim, so that we can't see our partners' hands for leading & following, and not too bright so that it ruins the mood or glares in our eyes.  There should absolutely be no flashing/strobe lights or spotlights panning around the room.

13.  Play A Few Bachata and Cha Cha Songs -  We dance cha cha "breaking On 2" also.  Only certain cha cha songs are suitable for mambo dancers - see our list of Good Cha Cha Songs below.  Cha cha songs should be chosen based on having the right rhythm and tempo for dancers only.  While there are plenty of cha cha songs which are musically beautiful, many which are in a "Latin jazz" style with long instrumental breaks, they are not necessarily appropriate for dancing to.  As with salsa songs, good cha cha songs need to have a very definite strong dancer's rhythm.  They cannot be too fast because the 3 cha cha quick steps need to fit comfortably within the measure, and they cannot be too long because of the limited turn patterns available and the insufficient cha cha knowledge of most mambo dancers.  There should never be more than 2 cha cha songs in a row, nor more than approximately 2 - 3 per hour in a typical mambo party. 

14.  Skip The Band  -  Most On 2 mambo dancers are dancing to the music.  If the music fits our way of dancing, as described above, we're happy.  Whether that music comes from a DJ or a live band is irrelevant to how we dance and how much we enjoy the event.  When we are dancing, we are looking at our partners, not the DJ or band.  And after one good song, we want another one right away.  We do not want to listen to some second-rate song or announcer or bandleader talking for several minutes about nothing but nonsense.  So who needs a band?  From a dancer's point of view, a good DJ can beat a band almost anytime, because a good DJ can choose from hundreds of fantastic dance songs recorded by the world's best musicians.  But a band is always limited by its musical ability, its relatively small repertoire, its tendency to play songs longer than 5 - 6 minutes, and its limited ability to change songs based on the dancer's preferences hour by hour.  Most bands only have a few really great songs.  When they play a set, dancers are usually happy with only 1 or 2 songs, all the others are second-rate.  When we buy a band's CDs, again, there are usually only 1 or 2 good songs.  But a DJ can play 10, 15, 20 great songs in a row, chosen from the world's best bands.  How many bands can do that?

There are a few bands who can play an entire set of great dance music, maybe 5 in the whole world.  One of these is El Gran Combo from Puerto Rico.  Unfortunately, wherever they play it's so crowded that there's no room to dance.  So while the band is playing, we're being smashed into by other dancers and non-dancers (holding and spilling their Budweisers & martinis) on the floor.  And we're not looking at the band anyway, we're looking at our partners.  So it would be better to have a good DJ play a full hour of El Gran Combo music with a dance floor full of salseros, and let the non-dancers and bar flies nurse their drinks at some club down the street with a live band.

Another problem with live bands is that the songs are too long, to fast and too loud.  We want our songs to be about 5 minutes long because we want to change partners after that.  We want the majority of our dance songs to be medium speed.  And we don't want the volume so loud that our ears are hurting.  Live bands don't understand these dancer needs.  During live performances, bands play very long songs, sometimes more than 10 minutes, while the musicians stretch out on their solos.  They play fast uptempo music because that's what excites them, but it just exhausts the dancers.  And they play very loud because, frankly, they're probably deaf.

Here's a quote from Edie "The Salsa Freak" , international performer, instructor & founder of www.SalsaWeb.com , about having a band at a salsa dancer's event:

"To Have a Band or Not Have a Band?
Bands are important - but if you're a relatively small club, and especially one that's starting out, if the band isn't great, you're going to lose your shirt. People won't come back. If the band IS great, you're going to have to pay a lot, unless you work out some kind of package deal with them. Your safest bet is to just have a great DJ. I would say that 50% of the time, people get disappointed when the band comes on (I'm not kidding) because the DJ was playing such great stuff! Unless the band is just incredible, stick to the DJ.

Many many people have often wondered why clubs just don't try and play good 'ole DJ music. Sometimes it's just so much better. You don't HAVE TO HAVE a band every Salsa night. It's not necessary. Many people go for the bands, but more go for the dancing and social atmosphere. If the band is just too expensive, you can have one every other weekend. Please do not buy into the idea that "Oh, the Band is Everything"... It's important - but not as important as you may think. What's most important is the music, the floor, and the people."

Where To Buy Latin Music -  To find out where to buy CDs from stores & internet sellers with large Latin music collections, click on Where To Buy Latin Music .

What Dancers Look For In A Club -   Please also see "Attention Club Owners & Promoters:  What Dancers Look For In A Club", a very important article by Edie "The SalsaFreak", founder of www.SalsaWeb.com , www.SalsaFreak.com and www.DanceFreak.com , and international mambo performer & instructor.  Whether you are putting on an event in a club or studio, this article spells out how to please the dancers and how to get their business. 

See our list of recommended classic Salsa & Cha Cha Songs for On 2 mambo dancers.

Copyright © 2003 Steve Shaw

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by Steve Shaw  -   Salsa@nyc.rr.com

These songs are all chosen from the point of view of the On 2 mambo dancer.  These are not DJ choices or musician choices or Latin music lover or webmaster choices;  these are strictly dancer choices, based on how people dance when these songs are played at a good time in the evening.  Unlike each of these other music listeners and experts, we dancers spend hours & hours dancing to one song after another with different partners.  More than anyone else, we know best what music goes well with our way of dancing.  Most of these songs will be well received at a New York/New Jersey On 2 mambo party although, obviously, in any given mambo crowd different dancers prefer different songs.  For those living outside the New York metropolitan area, these songs will give you some idea of what we love to dance to, and also the kind of music our style of On 2 dancing goes best to.  These songs should be played following the Guidelines For DJ's listed above. 

When I (Steve Shaw) DJ for salsa/mambo dancers, I take these songs with me, some of which I play based on the crowd at the moment.  See my DJ resume by clicking on "DJ Doc Salsa - Steve Shaw.  Certainly, this list is far from complete.  There are many other great salsa & cha cha dance songs, both old and new.  Over time, I will be adding more songs to this list.  To find out where to buy CDs from stores & internet sellers with large Latin music collections, click on Where To Buy Latin Music .  If you would like to find out which CD a particular song is from, see the excellent web site www.Descarga.com , where you can look up songs either by title or singer/band.  You can also purchase your CDs through this site and they will mail them anywhere in the world.  Also see online ComboRecords.com .  And you must know about New York City's best music store for Latin music:  Casa Latina.  They have a huge selection and tremendous knowledge about the music.  And they will mail you CDs anywhere in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.  Their web site is www.CasaLatinaMusic.com .

If you are a performer, see our section Making & Caring For Performance CDs.  This describes how to make a proper CD for performing to, how to care for it and how to deliver it to the DJ, so that the song plays all the way through and doesn't skip or stop playing and, thereby, ruin your performance routine.

Copyright © 2012 Steve Shaw.  All rights reserved.  Reprint this list only with written credit to "Steve Shaw - www.SalsaNewYork.com ".


Abicu  -  Eddie Montalvo
Abuelita  -  Hector Lavoe
Acabo De Llegar  -  Alex Leon
Ache Para Todos  -  Celia Cruz & Willie Colon
A Comer Chicharon  -  Charanga Cubana
Adelante Siempre  -  Ray Barretto
A El  -  Oscar D'Leon
Afinque Total  -  Don Perignon
Africando  -  Africando
African Salsa  -  Papa Fall
A Gozar  -  Jose Alberto "El Canario"
Aguacero  -  El Gran Combo
Agua De Clavelito  -  Johnny Pacheco
Agua Limpia Todo  -  Tito Puente
Ahi Na' Ma'  -  Don Perignon
Ahi Na' Ma'  -  Frankie Vazquez
Ahora Me Da Pena  -  Henry Fiol
Ahora Si  -  Ismael Miranda
Ahora Si  -  La Sonora Ponceña
Ahora Te Toca A Ti  -  Bobby Rodriguez Y La Compania
Ajiaco Caliente  -  Eddie Palmieri
A La Hora Que Me Llamen Voy  -  Jose Alberto "El Canario"
A La La E  -  Pete Terrace
Alejate  -  Hector Lavoe
Alejate  -  Johnny Cruz
Alejate De Mi  -  Tommy Olivencia
Alguien Que Me Quite Tu Amor  -  El Gran Combo
Alizame El Fogon  -  Willie Rosario
Almendra  -  German Villarreal
Almohada  -  Tito Nieves
Alonzo  -  Cal Tjader
Al Pasito Canandonga  -  La Cali Charanga
Alta Marea  -  Erick
Al Ver Sus Campos  -  Ray Barretto & Adalberto Santiago
Amame Otra Vez  -  Cano Estremera
A Mi Plin  -  Itty Torres Y Su Orquesta Sabor Latina
Amor A Control Remoto  -  El Gran Combo
Amor En La Arena  -  Johnny Pacheco & Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez
Amor Mio No Te Vaya  -  Gilberto Santa Rosa
Amor Pa' Que  -  Conjunto Candela
Amor Perfecto  -  El Gran Combo
Amor Sonido  -  Hector Lavoe
Amor Y Control  -  Ruben Blades

Ampárame  -  El Gran Combo
Anacaona  -  Cheo Feliciano
Anacaona  -  Domingo Quinones  
Ana Isaoco  -  Angel Canales
Anhelo  -  Adolescentes Orquesta      
Antero  -  El Gran Combo
Anuncio Clasificado  -  Willie Rosario  
Apaga La Luz  -  Celia Cruz & Willie Colon    
Apago La Luz  -  Hildemaro                      
Apiádate De Mi  -  Victor Manuel
A Pico Y Pala  -  Tipica 73
A Puerto Rico  -  Valentin Valdez
Aqui Estoy, Ya Llegue  -  Ismael Rivera
Aqui Hay Un Hombre Gozando  -  Charanga de la 4                           
Ariñañara  -  Eddie Torres Mambo Kings Orchestra   
Armonioso  -  Wayne Gorbea
A Romper El Coco  -  Nacho Sanabria
Arrepentida  -  Angel Canales
Arrepentios Pecadores  -  Willie Rosario                                 
Asia Mood  -  Tito Puente
Asi Cantaba Papa  -  Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez & Celia Cruz
Asi Logramos Nuestro Amor  -  El Gran Combo
Asi Se Compone Un Son  -  Ismael Miranda
Asi Son  -  El Gran Combo
A Traves Del Tiempo  -  La Solucion / Frankie Ruiz
Avisale A Mi Contrario  -  Roberto Roena
Ay Amor Cuando Hablan Las Miradas  -  Guayacan Orquesta
Ay Caray  -  Adalberto Santiago
Ayer  -  Juan Luis Guerra
A Yo Nene  -  Africando
Azucar  -  Eddie Palmieri
Azucar Negra  -  Celia Cruz
Azucar Pa' Un Amargao  -  El Gran Combo                                        
Azuquita P'al Café  -  Gran Combo                        
Babarabatiri  -  Tito Puente   
Babarabatiri  -  Willie Rosario 
Bailadora  -  Pete Bonet
Baila Mi Musica  -  Orquesta Inmensidad 
Bailando  -  Frankie Ruiz                              
Baila Que Baila  -  José Alberto "El Canario"
Bajo Con Tumbao  -  Eddie Palmieri    
Bajo La Luna  -  Willie Rosario
Bamboleo  -  Celia Cruz & Fania All Stars
Bamboleo  -  Louie Ramirez       
Barranquillero Arrebatao  -  Fruko Y Sus Tesos
Besitos De Coco  -  Azabache
Bétece  -  Africando                                  
Bilongo  -  Charanga de la Cuatro  (shortened remix version)
Bilongo  -  Eddie Palmieri 
Bilongo  -  Ismael Rivera
Bochinchosa  -  Los Hermanos Moreno
Boranda  (shortened remix)  -  La Sonora Poncena                     
Borinquen  -  La Sonora Ponceña  (skip first 3:14 minutes)
Borrachito  -  Santiago Ceron
Botaron La Pelota  -  Willie Rosario
Brujeria  -  Angel Canales
Brujería  -  El Gran Combo
B Side Mambo  -  DJ El Timba
Buenas Noches Che Che  -  Chamaco Rivera
Buenas Noches Che Che  -  Tito Rodriguez (Sr.)
Bumba Carabumba  -  Angel Canales   
Busca El Alfiler  -  Alfredo Valdez
Busca Lo Tuyo  -  Santiago All Stars
Buscando La Melodia  -  Henry Fiol
Buscandote  -  Latin Brothers                      
Caballero Y Dama  -  Celia Cruz Y Willie Chirino
Caballo Viejo  -  Roberto Torres
Cairo  -  Orquesta Cheo Diaz
Cali Aji  -  Grupo Niche
Cambiare Por Ti  -  Orquesta Guayacan with Jose Alberto "El Canario"
Campanero  -  Jose Mangual Jr.
Cancion  -  La Sonora Ponceña
Cancion A Un Individuo  -  Jose Bello
Cancioncita De Amor  -  Juan Luis Guerra
Canto Al Amor  -  La Sonora Ponceña
Canto A Mi Tierra  -  Los NIches
Cao Cao Mani Picao  -  Celia Cruz 
Capuccino  -  La Sonora Poncena    
Cara De Niño  -  Jerry Rivera                                    
Caravan  -  Eddie Torres Mambo Kings Orchestra
Carmina Y Prende  -  Conjunto Yumuri
Carupano  -  Johnny Sedes
Casimira  -  Tommy Olivencia
Casi Un Hechizo  -  Jerry Rivera
Castigala  -  Los Nemus Del Pacifico    
Celoso  -  La Sonora Poncena
Chan Chan  -  Son Y Clave
Changueria  -  Henry Fiol
Chango Ta Beni (Sarabanda)  -  Gilberto Santa Rosa
Chango Ta Beni (Sarabanda)  -  Willie Rosario
Chinita  -  Gilberto Santa Rosa
Chiquila  -  Raphy Leavitt
Chotorro  -  Madera Fina
Chotorro  -  Roberto Roena
Ciego De Amor  -  Cuco Valoy                                             
Cielo De Tambores  -  Grupo Niche                          
Cinco A Diez  -  Azabache
Cinco Noches  -  Paquito Guzman
Clasiquiendo Con Ruben  -  Afro Cuban All Stars
Clave Mambo  -  Joe Cuba
Coco Seco  -  Johnny Pacheco
Coco Seco  -  Tito Puente
Coje Pa' La Cola  -  Cortijo & Ismael Rivera
Colombia Salsera  -  Louie Ramirez
Como Le Gustan A Usted  -  Frankie Ruiz
Como Lo Canto Yo  -  Justo Betancourt 
Como Lo Canto Yo  -  Spanish Harlem Orchestra                                      
Como Lo Hacen  -  Frankie Ruiz   
Como Mango  -  La Sonora Poncena                          
Como Me Ha Insultado  -  Son Café                        
Como Quiera  -  José Alberto "El Canario"
Como Un Canon  -  Marvin Santiago
Como Un Huracan  -  Ruben Blades
Comuniquemonos  -  Oscar D'Leon
Con Eso  -  El Gran Combo
Con Los Pobres Estoy  -  Roberto Roena
Conmigo  -  Eddie Palmieri
Conozco A Mexico  -  El Gran Combo
Con Sandra En La Cama  -
José Alberto "El Canario"
Consolacion  -  Roberto Roena
Contar Fanoso  -  Nacho Sanabria
Contigo No  -  Conjunto Costanza
Corazon Abierto  -  Hector Tricoche
Corazon Embustero  -  La Grande De Madrid

Crueldad  -  Mi Son Sabroso            
Cua Cua  -  Tito Puente
Cualquiera  -  Oscar D'Leon
Cuando Parará La Lluvia  -  Johnny Rivera
Cuando Se Acabe La Rumba  -  David Cedeno
Cuando Se Canta Bonita  -  Willie Rosario
Cuando Te Quieras  -  Chivirico Davila
Cuando Te Vea  -  Bobby Valentine 
Cuando Te Vea  -  Spanish Harlem Orchestra     
Cuando Te Vea  -  Tito Puente 
Cuando Uno Se Enamora  -  Bobby Valentine
Cuanto Tienes, Cuanto Vales  -  Arrabella                                    
Cuban Fantasy  -  Estrellas Caiman
Cúcala  -  Celia Cruz
Cuidate Bien  -  Oscar D'Leon
Cuido Eso  -  Raul Marrero
Culebra  -  Grupo Niche
Dale Duro  -  Hansel Camacho
Dame Ese Placer  -  Erick
Dame Tiempo  -  Ismael Miranda & Junior Gonzalez
Daniel  -  Cuco Valoy
Débate  -  Tommy Olivencia
Debes Callar  -  Celia Cruz & Ray Barretto
Dejala  -  Tito Gomez & Tito Rojas
Dejame Beber  -  Elemento 10
Déjame En Paz  -  Johnny Colon
Déjame Soñar  -  Tito Puente & Tony Vega
Dejese De Eso  -  Bailatino
Déjete Quierer  -  Jose Alberto "El Canario"
Demasiado Amor  -  Hector Tricoche
Descarga 72  -  Orquesta Willie Rodriguez
Descarga A La Moderna (slowed down) -  Ray Barretto
Descarga Cachao  -  Cachao                         
Descarga Lebron  -  Lebron Brothers
Desculpame Senora  -  Jose Alberto "El Canario"
Desde El Fondo De Mi Corazon  -  Hildemaro
De Todas Maneras  -  Ismael Rivera
Diamoule Mawa  -  Laba Sosseh
Digo Yo  -  Tito Gomez
Dile A El  -  Frankie Ruiz
Dime Que Quieres  -  El Gran Combo
Dispierta Hispano  -  Melcochita
Distinto Y Diferente  -  Don Perignon
Doley Mbolo  -  Africando
Donde Estara  -  Orquesta Carabali
Donde Estaras  -  Noche Caliente
Donde Quiera Que Estes  -  Isidro Infante
Don Diablo  -  Noche Caliente
Don Lengua  -  Alfredo Valdez
Don Lengua  -  Santiago Ceron
Duele Mas  -  Grupo Niche 
Dueno De Mi Inspiracion  -  Ismael Rivera 
Dulce Con Dulce  -  Johnny Pacheco & Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez
Dulce Habanera  -  Celia Cruz & Willie Colon  
Echale Candela  -  Monguito  
Echando Candela  -  Ricardo Ray
Ejes De Mi Carretta  -  Ray Barretto      
El Amor  -  Sonora Poncena    
El Amor Mas Bonito  -  Tito Nieves                       
El Apartamento  -  Willie Rosario
El As De La Rumba  -  José Alberto "El Canario"
El As De La Rumba  -  Machito
El Callejero  -  Willie Rosario
El Cantante  -  Lebron Brothers
El Cantante  -  Mark Anthony
El Cantante Y La Orquesta  -  Angel Canales
El Chisme  -  Celia Cruz & Ray Barretto  (slow down)
El Cuarto  -  Eddie Palmieri
El Cuarto De Tula (remix)  -  Truko Y Zaperoka                          
El Curandero  -  Raulín Rosendo
El De La Rumba Soy Yo  -  Johnny Ray
El Del Tabacon  -  Tommy Olivencia & Hector Tricoche
El Dificil Facil  -  Ismael Rivera
El Entierro Del Feo  -  Ray Barretto
El Flamboyan  -  Willie Rosario
El Gallo Canelo  -  Papaito
El Guaguanco Y El Son  -  Linda Leida
El Guapo  -  Andrea
El Guariquiten  -  El Gran Combo
El Hablador  -  La Sonora Poncena
El Hombre Increible  -  Marvin Santiago
El Hombre Misterioso  -  Conjunto Imagen
El Hueso De Maria  -  Tito Rodriguez
Ella Es  -  Tony Vega
El Lago De Matruya  -  Raulin Rosendo
El Mangonero  -  Marvin Santiago  (slowed down)
El Manisero  -  Willie Chirino
El Mas Rico Beso  -  Guayacan Orquesta
El Matrimonio  -  El Gran Combo                     
El Menú  -  El Gran Combo
El Mesias  -  Ismael Rivera
El Mundo Se Va A Acabar  -  Jose Alberto "El Canario"
El Mundo Y El Nino  -  Los Nemus Del Pacifico
El Negrito  -  El Gran Combo
El Negro Y Ray  -  Ray Barretto
El Niche  -  Moncho Rivera
El Pinero  -  Chico Alvarez
El Pito  -  Isidro Infante
El Problema Esta En El Coco  -  El Gran Combo
El Pregon De Pescador  -  Celia Cruz
El Pregonero  -  Conjunto Candela
El Pregonero  -  Tito Nieves
El Preso  -  Fruko Y Sus Tesos
El Problema Esta En El Coco  -  El Gran Combo
El Que No Sufre No Vive  -  Ismael Rivera
El Que No Sufre No Vive  -  Moncho Rivera (Ismael's nephew)
El Que Se Fue  -  Gilberto Santa Rosa
El Que Se Fue  -  Tito Rodriguez
El Que Siembra Su Maiz  -  Celia Cruz
El Que Siembra Su Maiz  -  Roberto Torres
El Santero  -  Tommy Olivencia
El Soltero  -  Erick
El Son De Adalberto  -  Oscar D'Leon
El Sopon  -  Orquesta La Unica
El Swing  -  Andy Montanez
El Swing De Fruko  -  Fruko Y Sus Tesos
El Tiempo Sera Testigo  -  Willie Rosario
El Titere  -  Louie Ramirez Y Ray De La Paz
El Toro  -  Cano Estremera
El Tubo  -  Chamaco Rivera
El Tumbaito  -  Johnny Pacheco
El Verdadero Son  -  Estrellas Caiman
El Yo Yo  -  Wayne Gorbea  (slow down)
Enamorado De Ti  -  Ismael Miranda
En El Balcon  -  Tito Rodriguez
Enganada  -  Hernan Gutierrez
En Tu Camino  -  Grupo Sabotage
Eque Tumbao  -  Jose Curbelo
Esa Mujer  -  Tony Vega
Esa Muneca  -  Willie Rosario 
Esa Negra  -  Jorge Luis Cabrera      
Esa Prieta  -  Johnny Pacheco                                
Esas Lágrimas  -  Gilberto Santa Rosa
Ese Atravimiento  -  Melcochita  
Ese Dolor  -  Bloque 53                    
Esperaré A Que Decidas -  Tony Vega
Espiritu Burlon  -  Santiago Ceron    
Esta Cobardia  -  Frankie Ruiz 
Esta De Baila  -  Orlando Marin
Este Es El Son  -  Orquesta La Unica
Estoy En Ti  -  Willie Rosario                
Étnia  -  Grupo Niche
Extranandote  -  Michel w/ Rubby Perez
Faisan  -  Conjunto Classico 
Falso Amor  -  Willie Rosario
Falto Un Panuelo  -  Grupo Niche
Fango  -  Angel Lebron Y Sabor Latino
Fantasia Cubana  -  German Villarreal
Fe  -  Lebron Brothers                                             
Feo Pero Sabroso  -  Louie Ramirez 
Fiesta A La King  -  Tito Puente
Flor Bonita  -  Costa Brava De Puerto Rico 
Flor De Los Lindos Campos  -  Ray Barretto                     
Fuego A La Jicotea  -  Marvin Santiago
Fuego En El 23  -  La Sonora Poncena
Fuego En El Cuartel  -  Papaito
Fuimos Amigos  -  La Salsa Mayor
Galletana  -  Conjunto Candela
Geisha Girl  -  Louie Ramirez 
Gitana  -  Jose Mangual Jr.
Gotas De Lluvia  -  El Gran Combo                
Gotas De Lluvia  -  Grupo Niche                                
Goza La Vida  -  Conjunto Libre  (skip long introduction)
Gracias  -  El Gran Combo
ó Callejera ("Ave Maria")  -  Guayacan
Guaguanco Con Rumba  -  Johnny Polanco
Guanguancó Del Gran Combo  -  El Gran Combo 
Guaguanco En New York  -  Jose Curbelo
Guaguanco Pa' Borinquen  -  Babo Jiminez Y Su Banda
Guaguanco Pa'l Que Sabe  -  Johnny Pacheco with Papo Lucca
Guarara  -  Monguito Santamaria
Guarare  -  Ray Barretto
Guarimbo  -  Madera Fina
Guaripumpe  -  Poncho Sanchez
Guatacando  -  Fania All Stars                            
Háblame  -  Frankie Ruiz
Hace Tiempo  -  Angel Canales
Hacha Y Machete  -  Hector Lavoe
Haitian Lady  -  Poncho Sanchez
Hay Cranio  -  Tito Rodriguez
Hay Una Mujer  -  Hansel Camacho

Hazme Sentir  -  Erick
Hechicera  -  El Gran Combo
Hechicera  -  Oscar D'Leon
Hechicera  -  Wuelfo
Historia De Un Amor  -  Raulin Rosendo
Homenaje A Los Tres  -  Papo Lucca
Hong Kong Mambo  -  Tito Puente
Hoy Quiero Confesar  -  Jose Alberto "El Canario"
Idilio  -  Willie Colon
Imposible Amor  -  Frankie Ruiz
Increible  -  Felix Del Rosario Y Los Magos Del Ritmo
Intente  -  Cali Aleman
Irimo  -  El Gran Combo
Iroko  -  Abraham Rodriguez
Ironia  -  Frankie Ruiz
Isla Del Encanto  -  Fania All Stars with Hector Lavoe
Isla Del Encanto  -  Orquesta Broadway  (remix version)   
Japan Mambo  -  Tito Puente
Juguete De Nadie  -  Puerto Rican Power
Julia  -  El Gran Combo
Juana Pena  -  Hector Lavoe 
Juancito Trucupey  -  Celia Cruz
Juliana  -  Cuco Valoy  
Kancanito  -  Moncho Rivera                               
Ken Moussoul  -  Africando
La Boda De Ella  -  Bobby Valentin
La Bomba  -  Willie Rosario
La Cana  -  Adalberto Santiago
La China Del Oriente  -  Roberto Y Su Nuevo Montuno
La China De Oriente  -  Andy Montanez
La Chica De Mis Suenos  -  El Gran Combo
La China De Mi Barrio  -  Javier Vazquez
La Critica  -  Jose Alberto "El Canario"
La Cura  -  Frankie Ruiz
Ladron De Tu Amor  -  Louie Ramirez & Ray De La Paz
Lady  -  Orquesta Palabra
Lady Laura  -  Raulin Rosendo
La Esencia Del Guaguanco  -  Johnny Pacheco & Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez
La Espuma Y La Ola  -  El Gran Combo
La Familia  -  Jose Curbelo

La Familia  -  Ray Barretto 
La Fe Tiene Calentura  -  Alfredo de la Fe
La Fiesta De Pilito  -  El Gran Combo
La Gitana  -  Jose Alberto "El Canario"  
Lagrimas  -  Roberto Blades
La Guitarra  -  Erick     
La La La  -  Direct Latin Influence  
La Ley Del Guaguanco  -  Tito Rodriguez 
La Libertad  -  Rey Reyes   
La Llave  -  Grupo Latin Vibe      
La Loba  -  Israel                    
La Loca De La Garita  -  Raphie Leavitt 
La Loma De Belen  -  Santiago Ceron
La Loma Del Tamarindo  -  El Gran Combo
La Mano  -  Oscar D'Leon
Lamento Guajiro  -  Grupo Niche
La Merenguita  -  Oscar D'Leon
La Muerte  -  El Gran Combo
La Murga  -  Hector Lavoe   
La Musica Es Mi Vida  -  Spanish Harlem Orchestra
La Negra Sandra  -  Henry Fiol
La Pachanga  -  Quinto Mayor 
La Pachanga De Don Juan  -  La Maxima 78                
La Paella  -  José Alberto "El Canario" 
La Palomilla  -  Joe Cuba
La Pantera Mambo  -  Orquesta 33
La Peluca  -  Dave Santiago
La Pollera Colora  -  La Sonora Poncena
La Rebelion  -  Raulín Rosendo
La Resbalosa  -  Ray Barretto
La Rueda  -  Frankie Ruiz                
La Salsa Llegó  -  Alfa 8   
La Salsa Nunca Se Acabo  -  Susie Hansen
Las Caraqueas  -  Ricardo Ray
Las Caras Lindas  -  Ismael Rivera 
Las Leyes  -  Justo Betancourt  
Las Mujeres  -  Los Nemus Del Pacifico                                   
La Soledad  -  Ismael Rivera
La Sopa En Botella  -  Celia Cruz                                     
La Toalla  -  Junior Gonzalez
La Ultima En La Avenida  -  Ismael Rivera Con Kako
La Ultima Rumba  -  Henry Fiol
Leal  -  Ray Ramos
Le Dio Pa' Mi  -  Clasicom
Lejos De Ti  -  Angel Canales                                        
Lejos De Ti  -  Son Boricua
Les Rendezvous  -  Ricardo Lemvo
Linda Teresa  -  Bobby Valentine
Lindo Yambu  -  Carlos Guerrero
Lindo Yambú  -  Cheo Feliciano
Lindo Yambu  -  Santiago Ceron
Listo Medellin  -  Grupo Niche
Llegamos  -  Lebron Brothers
Llego El Sabor  -  Oscar D'Leon & Jose Alberto "El Canario"
Llego El Sonero  -  Tito Rodriguez
Llevatela  -  Eddie Torres Mambo Kings Orchestra
Llorando  -  Orlando
Lloraras  -  Oscar D'Leon
Llore  -  Hector Lavoe 
Lluvia  -  Eddie Santiago
Lluvia  -  Willie Rosario
Lluvia Con Nieve  -  La Charanga New York
Lluvia Con Nieve  -  Mon Rivera
Lobo Domesticado  -  Hector Tricoche
Lo Bonito Y Lo Feo  -  Grupo Niche  
Lo Dudo  -  Frankie Ruiz 
Lo Que Me Gusta De Ti  -  Manola Mairena   
Lo Que Te Queda  -  Tito Rojas                                
Lo Que Traigo Es Sabroso  -  Eddie Torres
Los Abuelos  -  Cache
Los Caminos De La Vida  -  Ismael Miranda & Junior Gonzalez
Los Compadres Seguiran  -  Johnny Pacheco
Los Campeones De La Salsa  -  Tipica 73
Los Gatos  -  Orquesta La Protesta
Los Leyes  -  Justo Betancourt
Los Salseros Se Van  -  Willie Rosario
Los Santos De Macoris  -  Rey Reyes
Lo Tuyo Y Lo Mio  -  Ray Barretto
Luna De Miel  -  Jose Alberto "El Canario"
Luna Negra  -  Rey Ruiz     
Macho Perez  -  Hector Tricoche
Machu Pichu  -  Melcochita        
Madre  -  Melcochita                                                 
Malagueña Salerosa  -  Eddie Palmieri  
Malambo  -  Jimmy Sabater
Mala Mujer  -  Willie Rosario
Malanga Amarilla  -  Cachao
Mama Guela  -  Gilberto Santa Rosa
Mama Guela  -  Son Boricua  
Mama Guela  -  Spanish Harlem Orchestra                
Mama Kiyelele  -  Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca 
Mama Vieja  -  Raulin Rosendo
Mambo  -  Cachao   
Mambo Diablo  -  Tito Puente  
Mambo For Vibes  -  Hilton Ruiz            
Mambo Gozon  -  Tito Puente           
Mambo Inn  -  Tito Puente
Mambo Inn  -  Pablo Sanchez
Mambologia  -  Maximo Rodriguez
Mambo Mongo  -  Mongo Santamaria
Mambo Yo Yo  -  Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca 
Mamposina  -  Raulin Rosendo
Mamposina  -  Santiago Ceron 
Manana Es Domingo  -  Conjunto Clasico with Tito Nieves
Mani Picao  -  Edwin Bonilla
Mani Picao  -  Ricky Campanelli
Maracaniguara  -  Juan Carlos Coronel                                      
Marca Mi Número  -  Justo Betancourt                     
Margarita  -  Johnny Ray
Margarito  -  Bobby Valentine 
Maria  -  Oscar D'Leon
Maruca  -  Orquesta Jaguey
Mary  -  Joe Arroyo     
Mascarada  -  Johnny Ray
Mas Sabrosas  -  Adalberto Santiago
Matrimonio Feliz  -  Willie Rosario (slowed down)    
Matunga  -  Tito Allen
Me Dejo  -  Oscar D'Leon                                 
Me Dices Que Te Vas  -  Miles Peña  
Me Diste De Tu Agua  -  Luisito Carrion                       
Medley  -  Raulín Rosendo                                     
        La Guayava 
Me Emociona  -  Son De Cali
Me Estoy Muriendo De Amor  -  Jerry Rivera
Me Gusta Todo  -  Los Nemus Del Pacifico
Me Imagino  -  Conjunto Candela
Mejor Cantar  -  Celia Cruz
Me Liberé  -  Gran Combo
Meneame La Cuna Ramon  -  Roberto Torres
Mentiras  -  Oscar D'Leon
Mentirosa  -  Louie Ramirez & Ray De La Paz
Merecumbé  -  Johnny Colon
Me Tienes Loco  -  Ismael Rivera
Me Voto  -  Jose Alberto "El Canario"
Me Voy Pa' Colombia  -  Johnny Polanco
Mi Amigo El Payaso  -  Willie Rosario
Mi Amor, Amor  -  Johnny Ray
Mi Bajo Y Yo  -  Oscar D'Leon
Micaela  -  Sonora Carruseles
Mi Canto Es Para Ti  -  Luisin Landaez Con Anibal Abreu Y Su Orquesta Sabor

Mi Desengano  -  Roberto Roena
Mienteme Amor  -  Yambu
Miento  -  Alex Matos
Mi Familia  -  Cesar Chino Perez
Mi Gente  -  Oscar D'Leon
Mi Historia Entre De Tus Dedos  -  Mickey Taveras
Mi Jeva  -  Boogaloo Assassins
Mi Libertad  -  Frankie Ruiz
Mi Lindo Yambú  -  La Sonora Ponceña  
Mi Negrita  -  Grupo Caneo
Mi Negrita Y La Calentura  -  Grupo Niche
Mi Otro Yo  -  Andy Montanez
Mi Pollo  -  Eddie Palmieri
Mi Querer  -  Los Del Canay
Mirame De Frente  -  Ray Barretto
Mirame La Cara  -  Miles Peña    
Mira Pa' Ahi  -  Oscar D'Leon   
Mi Retirada  -  Tito Nieves                           
Mi Ritmo Está Bueno  -  Javier Vazquez
Mi Rumba Enchando Candela  -  Celeste Menoza                             
Miye Na We  -  Africando 
Mojito  -  Regina Carter  
Monte Mi Caballo  -  Oscar D'Leon
Montuno Street  -  Azabache
Morena  -  Rey Reyes
Moreno Soy  -  La Senora Poncena
Muchachita  -  Grupo Sabotage
Muellero  -  Justo Betancourt
Mueve La Cintura Mulata  -  Cuarteto Oriente (slow down)
Mueve Tu Cintura  -  Jose Alberto  (slow down)     
Mujer De Cabaret  -  Papaito                         
Mujer Erótica  -  Tito Rodriguez 
Mujer Celosa  -  Gran Combo
Mujer Celosa  -  Isaac Delgado
Mujer De Carton  -  Hector Tricoche
Mujeres Como Tu  -  Tommy Olivencia & Frankie Ruiz
Mujer Gitana  -  Junior Gonzalez
Mulata Coqueta  -  Don Perignon
Mulato Rumbero  -  Jimmy Sabater
Mulato Rumbero  -  Eddie Torres & His Mambo Kings Orchestra
Muñeca  -  Alfredo de la Fe   
Muñeca  -  Eddie Palmieri                     
Mundy Baja  -  El Gran Combo
Murio El Sonero  -  Cuco Valoy
Musica En Verite  -  Africando
Muy Muy  -  Roberto Torres
My Favorite Things  -  New Swing Sextet
Nada Nada Nada  -  Anthony Cruz
Nadie Se Muere De Amor  -  Grupo Fascinacion
Nadie Se Salva De La Rumba -  Celia Cruz, Ray Barretto, Adelberto Santiago
Nariz Millonaria  -  Raul Marrero
Negrita Linda  -  Willie Rosario
Nica's Mambo Dream  -  La Sonora Ponceña
Nicomedes  -  Mickey Cora Y Cabala
Night In Tunisia  -  La Sonora Ponceña 
Ni Llanto Ni Lamento  -  Costa Brava                                  
Niña Y Señora  -  Tito Puente
Ni Siquera  -  Antonio Cartagena
Noche Como Boca E Lobo  -  Sonora Poncena
Noche De Salsa  -  Louie Ramirez                                
No Dejemos Que Muera El Amor  -  Miles Peña  
No Digas Que No  -  Gran Combo
Noe  -  Ruben Blades
No E' Pa' Tanto  -  Henry Fiol
No Hagen Caso  -  Julio Castro
No Le Pare  -  Ruina Nueva
No Le Pega La Negra  -  Joe Arroyo
No Me Canta Na  -  Gilberto Santa Rosa
No Pueden Vivir  -  Celia Cruz
No Quiero Na' Regala'o  -  Gilberto Santa Rosa
No Quiero Problemas  -  Oscar D'Leon Y La Critica
No Soy Un Fantasma  -  Jose Bello
No Tires La Primera Piedra  -  Tommy Olivencia
No Te Vayas  -  Orquesta La Terrifica
No Vale La Pena  -  Ray Sepulveda & Johnny Rivera
Nunca Te Quedas  -  Frankie Ruiz
Ntoman  -  Africando
Oh Che Che  -  Tito Puente
Oigame Mi Amigo  -  Papaito
Ojos Chinos  -  El Gran Combo
Ole Gitana  -  Ismael Miranda & Junior Gonzalez
Otra Oportunidad  -  Jimmy Bosch
Oyarde  -  Louie Colon Y Su Combo
Oye Como Suena  -  Linda Leida
Oye La Banda  -  Jose Alberto "El Canario"
Oye Mi Canto  -  El Gran Combo
Oye Mi Guaguanco  -  Tito Puente
Oye Mima  -  Oscar D'Leon
Pa' Borojol  -  Rey Reyes
Pa' Bravo Yo  -  Johnny Cruz
Pa' Bravo Yo  -  Pupi Santiago 
Pachito Eche  -  Celia Cruz                       
Pa' Curubande Yo Voy  -  Los Brillánticos   
Pa' Gozar Contigo  -  Quinto Mayor         
Pa'l Bailador  -  Jerry Galante
Palo Mayombe  -  Jose Rizo's Mongorama  
Pancho Foo  -  Joe Cuba
Pao Pao  -  Guayacan Orquesta
Pa' Puerto Rico  -  Wayne Gorbea
Para Darte Fuego  -  Frankie Ruiz
Para El Cochero  -  Louie Ramirez
Para La Luna  -  Los Nemus Del Pacifico
Para Ochun  -  Hector Lavoe
Para Puerto Rico Voy  -  Papo Felix & Ray Rodriguez
Para Que Gozen Los Pollos  -  Son Boricua
Para Todo El Mundo Rumba  -  El Gran Combo
Paraiso De Dulzura  -  Hector Lavoe
Paris Mambo  -  Tito Puente & Eddie Palmieri 
Pasito Colombiano  -  Cuco Valoy 
Pau Pau  -  Conjunto Clasico
Pegaso  -  Henry Garcia 
Peligro  -  Gilberto Santa Rosa          
Pepe Machete  -  Ray Cruz                                       
Perdóname  -  Gilberto Santa Rosa
Perico Lo Tiene  -  Luis "Perico" Ortiz
Perico Macumba  -  Angel Canales
Periquito Pin Pin  -  Tommy Olivencia
Perla Fina  -  Monguito 
Perla Mala  -  Raphy Leavitt
Philly Mambo  -  Cal Tjader                      
Picadillo  -  Eddie Palmieri 
Picadillo  -  Tito Puente
Picadillo A Lo Puente  -  Tito Puente
Picadillo Jam  -  Eddie Palmieri & Tito Puente 
Pica Pica  -  Cortijo Y Su Combo
Pico Swing  -  New Swing Sextet
Piraquero  -  Conjunto Clasico
Plante Bandera  -  Tego Calderon  (rap/reggaeton version)  
Plante Bandera  -  Tommy Olivencia                           
Ponme El Alcolado Juana  -  El Gran Combo
Por Bacon  -  Guayacan Orquesta
Por El Pecho No  -  El Gran Combo
Por Esa Mujer  -  Tito Rojas
Por Falta De Amor  -  Johnny Rivera
Por Mas Que Quiera  -  El Gran Combo
Por Primera Vez  -  Jimmy Sabater
Porque Te Vas  -  Rey Ruiz
Por Ti  -  Los Brujos Del Son
Preparan Candela  -  Willie Rosario
Prestame A Tu Mujer  -  Grupo Gale
Prestame Tu Mujer  -  Ray Barretto with Adalberto Santiago
Primeroso Cantar  -  Johnny Pacheco
Pueblo Latino  -  Spanish Harlem Orchestra
Puerto Rico  -  Eddie Palmieri
Puerto Rico  -  Frankie Ruiz   
Punto Bare  -  Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez
Qualquiera Lo Baila  -  Ramon Rodriguez
Que Bonito Es Puerto Rico  -  Jose Alberto 
Que Bonito Sonar  -  Jimmy Bosch
Que Bueno Baila Usted  -  Oscar D'Leon 
Que Chevere  -  Orlando Marin
Que Cosa Tan Linda  -  Oscar D'Leon
Que Le Den Candela  -  Celia Cruz  
Que Locura  -  Frankie Morales    
Que Manera De Quiererte  -  Gilberto Santa Rosa
Que Me Lo Den En Vida  -  El Gran Combo
Que Pasa Contigo  -  Willie Rosario
Que Sabroso  -  Jimmy Sabater    
Que Se Mueran De Envidia  -  Frankie Ruiz        
Que Te Vaya Bien  -  Oscar D'Leon   
Que Te Vaya Bien  -  Raulín Rosendo                       
Quien  -  Raulín Rosendo 
Quien Como Tu  -  Jose Alberto "El Canario"
Quien Dijo Miedo  -  Raul Marrero      
Quien Te Ha Dado  -  Formula 8     
Quiero Llenarte  -  Frankie Ruiz               
Quiero Olvidarte Y No Puedo  -  Erick
Qui Qui Qui Qui  -  Andy Montañez     
Quitame Ese Hombre Del Corazon  -  Isidro Infante      
Ramona  -  Jose Bello          
Ran Kan Kan  - Tito Puente                                     
Remembranza  -  La Sonora Ponceña
Rio Manzanares  -  Jose Alberto "El Canario" 
Ritomo En El Corazon  -  Celia Cruz & Ray Barretto   
Rubias De Nueva York  -  Willie Rosario                
Rumbera  -  Willie Chirino
Rumbero Dominic  -  Dominic
Rumberos De Ayer  -  Celia Cruz
Sabor Criollo  -  Jose Alberto "El Canario"
Sabor Los Rumberos Nuevos  -  Angel Canales
Sabor Melao  -  Grupo Melao
Sacala Punta  -  Adalberto Santiago
Salao  -  Grupo Niche
Salsa Buena  -  Frankie Ruiz
Salsa Romantica  -  Louis Ramirez
Salsa Y Charanga  -  La Son Charanga
Salsa Y Control  -  Isidro Infante
Sama Thiel  -  Africando     
Sambia  -  Machito
Sandra Ines  -  Los Del Camay   
San Francisco  -  Johnny Martinez
Sangrando Por La Herida  -  Mario Velez                                 
Santo Domingo  -  Raulín Rosendo
Sarabanda  -  Jose Alberto "El Canario"
Saraguay Santoja  -  Angel Canales
Se Le Ve  -  Edwin Bonilla
Se Me Fue  -  Conjunto Yumuri
Se Me Fue - El Gran Combo
Senora  -  Frankie Ruiz
Senora Ley  -  Conjunto Clasico
Sentimental Mambo  -  Machito
Sentimiento Profundo  -  Ray Santiago
Ser Amantes  -  Paquito Guzman
Se Tambalea  -  Celia Cruz & Willie Colon
Shirley's Guaguanco  -  Benny Velarde
Sibanicu  -  Alfredo De La Fe
Siempre Alegre  -  Raphy Leavitt
Sientate Ahi  -  Oscar D'Leon 
Si Esa Mujer Me Dice Que Si  -  Frankie Ruiz                          
Si La Tierra Tiembla  -  Carlos Guerrero
Silencio  -  Hector Tricoche
Si Me Miras A Los Ojos  -  Tony Vega
Sin Cana Y Sin Platanal  -  Papaito
Sin Salsa No Hay Paraiso  -  El Gran Combo
Sin Sentimientos  -  Grupo Niche 
Si Pero No  -  Jose Alberto "El Canario"
Si Quieres Bailar  -  Pete Rodriguez
Sirena  -  Santiago Ceron               
Si Te Busco En El Baile  -  Edwin Bonilla
Si Tu Cocinas  -  Henry Fiol     
Si Tu No Bailes Conmigo  -  Juan Luis Guerra            
Si Tu No Vienes, No Bailas Conmigo  -  Edwin Bonilla
Si Tu Supieras  -  Tony Vega
Solitario  -  Willie Rosario
Solo Contigo  -  Victor Manuelle                               
Solo Se Que Tiene Nombre De Mujer  -  Angel Canales 
Solo Vaya  -  Ismael Rivera Y Cortijo
Somos El Son  -  Raphy Leavitt
Somos Iguales  -  Conjunto Clasico
Somos Iguales  -  Spanish Harlem Orchestra 
Soñando  -  Erick 
Sonerico  -  La Salsa Mayor 
Sonero  -  Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez                                                    
Soneros De Bailadores  -  Combinación Perfecta  -  Cheo Feliciano & Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez
Sonero Soy  -  Elias Lopez
Son Malas  -  Rey Reyes
Son Para Un Sonero  -  Elias Lopez
Sorpresa De Flauta  -  Giovani Diaz
Soulsa  -  Estrellas Caiman
Soy Antillana  -  Celia Cruz & La Sonora Poncena
Soy Dichoso  -  Ray Barretto
Soy Dichoso  -  Tommy Olivencia
Soy Profesional  -  Justo Betancourt
Soy Vagabundo  -  Hector Lavoe
Soy Yo  -  Cheo Feliciano
Sun Sun Babe  -  Carlos D'Castro
Sun Sun Babe  -  Tito Rodriguez Jr.
Superman  -  Don Filemon Y Su Banda
Swing La Moderna  -  Ray Barretto 
Swing La Moderna  -  Tipica Novel
Tambien Nos Duele  -  Tito Rojas
Ta Mochao  -  Sonora Matancera
Tatalibaba  -  Celia Cruz
Tata Masamba  -  Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca
Te Cantaran  -  Juan Luis Guerra
Te Lo Voy A Jugar  -  Roberto Roena     
Temedi  -  Africando   
Ten Cuidao  -  Avenida B
Tendria Que Llorar Por Ti  -  Moncho Santana                  
Tengo Una Copa De Vino  -  Raulín Rosendo
Te Regalo El Corazon  -  El Gran Combo
Te Vas De Mí  -  La Sonora Ponceña  
Te Veo Nena  -  El Gran Combo
Te Vi  -  Tommy Olivenca & Frankie Ruiz
Te Voy A Ensenar  -  Andy Montanez

Thinking Of You  -  Lenny Kravitz
This Moment  -  Azabache
Tiembla  -  El Gran Combo
Tiene Sabor  -  Henry Fiol
Tihuanaco  -  Alfredo Linares

Timbalero  -  El Gran Combo
Tirandote Flores  -  Bobby Valentin
Titoro  -  Bobby Montez
Toby's Mambo  -  Tito Rodriguez Jr.
Toma Jabon Pa' Que Laves  -  Fruko Y Sus Tesos
Toma Mi Mano  -  Guayacan
Torero  -  Guayacan
Traigo De Todo  -  Ismael Rivera
Tres Dias De Carnival  -  Celia Cruz
Trombon Criolla
  -  Cachao
Trukutu  -  Quinto Mayor

Trukutu  -  Tommy Olivencia           
Tu Cariño Se Me Va  -  Erick 
Tu Foto En La Pared  -  Noemi Mieses
Tumba Mabo  -  La Sonora Poncena 
Tumbo El Quinto  -  Linda Leida
Tu Me Estas Volviendo Loco  -  Eddie Torres Mambo Kings Orchestra
Tu Mirada  -  El Gran Combo

Tu No Me Has Visto, Miguel  -  Javier Vasquez 
Tu No Sabes Quierer  -  Lalo Rodriguez  (slow down)                                   
Tu Nuevo Amor  -  Ismael Miranda and Junior Gonzalez 
Tu Orgullo  -  Oscar D'Leon
Tu Sin Mi  -  Jehu El Rey
Tu Son  -  Oscar D'Leon
Tu Tu Ta Ta  -  Eddie Palmieri
Ublabadu  -  Cortijo Y Ismael Rivera 
Ublabadú  -  Fania All Stars
Ultima Palabra  -  Jose Alberto "El Canario"
Una Aventura  -  Grupo Niche
Una Aventura Nada Mas  -  Hector Tricoche
Una Canita Al Aire  -  La Solucion / Frankie Ruiz  
Un Alto En El Camino  -  Grupo Niche
Un Beso Tuyo  -  Oscar D'Leon
Un Caso Social  -  Tito Gomez & Grupo Niche

Un Gran Dia En El Barrio  -  Spanish Harlem Orchestra
Uno Se Cura  -  Raulin Rosendo                          
Un Poquito Más  -  Jimmy Bosch
Un Sueno Prohibido  -  Miles Pena
Un Tipo Con Suerte  -  Tony Vega & Gilberto Santa Rosa
Un Vestido Bonito  -  Guayacan Orquesta
Usted  -  Tito Rojas
Usted Abuso  -  Celia Cruz
Vamanos Pa' Senegal  -  La Son Charanga
Vamanos Pa' Senegal  -  Orquesta Ideal
Vamos A Reir Un Poco  -  Hector Lavoe  (slow the song down)
Vamos A Reir Un Poco  -  Ocho Y Mas
Vampira  -  Rey Reyes
Vasos De Colores  -  Marvin Santiago                               
Ven  -  Jose Bello
Ven A Bailar  -  Richie Cabo Y Su Orquesta
Ven A Bailar El Son  -  La India Del Oriente
Ven A Medellin  -  Grupo Galé
Ven A Mi  -  Jose Bello
Vendedor De Agua  -  Santiago Ceron
Vete Y Pregona  -  Jose Alberto "El Canario"
Viajera  -  Frankie Ruiz
Vicente  -  Ray Ramos
Viento En Popa  -  Cheo Navarro
Viernes Social  -  Tito Gomez
Viva Cepeda (slowed down)  -  Cal Tjader
Viva Puente  -  El Gran Combo
Vive Y Vacia  -  Ray Barretto
Vitamina  -  Sonora Carruseles  
Volare  -  Ismael Rivera
Volver, Volver  -  Grupo Galé
Vuela Paloma  -  Conjunto Clasico
Witinila  -  Ismael Rivera  
Yambeque  -  La Sonora Poncena
Yambu  -  Louis Ramirez
Yamulemau  -  Joe Arroyo 
Ya No Puede Ser  -  Celia Cruz, Adalberto Santiago, Ray Barretto
Yay Boy  -  Africando
Ya Lo Veras  -  Oscar D'Leon   
Y Dice Ese Maricon  -  Tommy Olivencia & Hector Tricoche                                     
Y Eso Duele  -  Gilberto Santa Rosa
Y No Hago Mas Na'  -  Gran Combo 
Y No Puedo  -  Frankie Ruiz                 
Yolanda  -  Guayacan Orquesta
Yo No Quiero Piedras En Mi Camino  -  Celia Cruz
Yo No Quiero Piedras En Mi Camino  -  Ismael Rivera
Yo No Se Manana  -  Luis Enrique
Yo No Te Pido  -  Gilberto Santa Rosa
Yo Puedo, Tu Puedes  -  Hector Tricoche
Yo Soy La Candela  -  Edwin Bonilla  
Yo Soy La Rumba  -  Ismael Quintana     
Yo Tengo Pena  -  Jorge Maldonado 
Y Yo Ganga  -  Armando Sanchez Y Su Conjunto Son De La Loma                              





Copyright © 2012 Steve Shaw.  All rights reserved.  Reprint this list only with written credit to "Steve Shaw - www.SalsaNewYork.com ".

Abajo Y Ariba  -  Tito Puente
A Donde Vas  -  Tito Puente
Ahora Si  -  Ray Barretto
Al Romper La Aurora  -  Papaito
Apagame El Fuego  -  Lebron Brothers (slowed)
Aprieta El Pollo  -  Ray Barretto
Arrecotin Arrecotan  -  Ismael Rivera
Arroz Con Habichuela  -  El Gran Combo
Aye Que Rico  -  Eddie Palmieri
Ay Que Frio  -  Ocho
Azucare Y Bongo  -  Ricardo Ray
Baila Mi Son  -  Charanga 4
Besame Mama  -  Mongo Santamaria & Poncho Sanchez
Blues For Louie  -  Son Boricua
Bodacious Q  -  Poncho Sanchez
Bruca Manigua  -  Ray Barretto
Cafe  -  Eddie Palmieri
Caminando  -  Eddie Palmieri
Carimbo  -  Ismael Rivera  (slow 6%)
Casualidades  -  Willie Rosario
Cayuco  -  Tito Puente (longer modern version - fade out)
Cha Cha Cha In Blue  -  Jose Curbelo
Chambique  -  Mongo Santamaria
Chanchullo  -  Tipica 73
Chanchullo  -  Tito Puente
Chin Chon Chow  -  Louie Ramirez  (slow 10%)
Chocolate Ice Cream  -  Eddie Palmieri
Cinderella  -  Poncho Sanchez
Cinturita  -  Eddie Palmieri
Cocinando  -  Ray Barretto
Cocinando Suave  -  Ray Barretto  (slowed)
Cocinando Un Son  -  Johnny Polanco
Como Ave Sin Rumbo  -  Luisito Carrion
Cuenta Bien  -  Edwin Bonilla
Cuidate Compay  -  Eddie Palmieri
Donna Lee  -  Manny Oquendo Y Conjunto Libre (start @ 1:24)
El Cayuco  -  Tito Puente (older short version)
El Pan Sobao  -  Charlie Palmieri
El Raton  -  Cheo Feliciano  (fade out after 5:00)
El Secreto  -  Henry Fiol  (progressive slow to 3.4%)
El Son De Santurce  -  El Gran Combo
El Tramposo  -  Joe Cuba
Escucha El Ritmo  -  Spanish Harlem Orchestra (progressive slow 1.2% - 4.4%)
Eso Se Baila Asi  -  Willie Colon
Estaca De Guayacan (slowed down)  -  Marvin Santiago
Fania  -  Chamaco Ramirez  (slow 2%)
Funky Latin Boogaloo  -  Patricia Melecio
Grog Moin  -  Africando
Guayaba  -  Jose Curbelo
Guachi Guara  -  Jam Miami
Guajira En Azul  -  Cal Tjader & Eddie Palmieri
Guajira Soul  -  Tito Puente
Guantanamera  -  Charanga Cubana
Guayaba  -  Tito Puente
Juan Paqueton  -  Cortijo
Killer Joe  -  Jorge Dalto
La Coronela  -  El Gran Combo
La Muerte De Taca Taca  -  Fajardo Y Sus Estrellas
Leyte  -  Pete Escovedo
Llego La India (slowed down)   -  La India & Eddie Palmieri
Los Sitios Llaman  -  Tipica 73
Mami Me Gusto  -  Gabino Pampini
Mas Bajo  -  Tito Puente
Mata Siguaraya  -  Oscar D'Leon
Mazacote  -  Machito  (slow 6%)
Me & You Baby  -  Mongo Santamaria
Mi Chiquita Quiere  -  Papaito  (slowed)
Mi Negrita Me Espera  -  Ismael Rivera
Mira Ven Pa' Aca  -  Johnny Colon
Mi Sonsito  -  Eddie Palmieri
Misteriosa Mujer  -  Tommy Olivencia
Mofongo  -  Jovenes Del Barrio
Ndiabaane  -  Africando
No Me Den Candela  -  Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe
No Sabia Bailar  -  George Guzman
Ode To Cachao  -  Tito Puente
Oriente  -  Henry Fiol
Oye Como Va  -  Carlos Santana
Oye Como Va  -  Tito Puente
Oye Tu Son Borinquen  -  Roberto Y Su Nuevo Montuno
Pa' Gozar  -  Eddie Torres Mambo Kings Orchestra
Pa' Huele  -  Estrellas Caiman
Poinciana  -  Cal Tjader & Eddie Palmieri
Point East Memories  -  Tito Puente
Que Cosas Tendran  -  El Gran Combo
Que Lindo El Mambo  -  Tito Puente
Que Lio  -  Marc Anthony
Que Son Uno  -  Joe Cuba
Quitate Tu  -  Fania All Stars  (shorten)
Relax & Mambo  -  Machito
Sabor Sabor  -  Wayne Gorbea
Sabroson  -  Rene Grand Y Su Combo New York
Salchicha Con Huevos  -  Jimmy Sabater (long & short versions)
Salsa Y Bembe  -  Joe Cuba
Sangrigorda  -  Willie Colon
Satelite  -  Ismael Rivera
Shining Knight  -  Willie Rosario  (progressive slow to 3.5%)
Si Las Nenas Me Dejan, Que  -  Eddie Palmieri
Si Tu No Vienes  -  La Lupe
Sofrito   -  Mongo Santamaria
Sonando  -  Poncho Sanchez
Suave  -  Eddie Palmieri
Suave Cha  -  Poncho Sanchez
Subway Harry  -  Poncho Sanchez
Summertime  -  Ray Barretto
Te Estan Buscando  -  Willie Colon & Ruben Blades
Telarana  -  Jose Curbelo
Tema Del Apollo  -  Eddie Palmieri
The Vampires  -  Paul Simon
That Old Devil Moon  -  Tito Puente
Tinguaro  -  Johnny Pacheco
Tocoloro  -  Louie Ramirez & Victor Velasquez
Tu Bombon  -  Joe Cuba
Tumbaron La Veintiuna  -  Cuchon
Un Mensaje Para Brenda  -  Johnny Polanco
Via  -  Al DeLory
Ven Morena  -  Oscar D'Leon
Volver A Verte  -  Oscar D'Leon
Wabble Cha  -  Joe Cuba
Watermelon Man  -  Poncho Sanchez
Yerbero Moderno  -  Celia Cruz
Yo Soy Babaloo  -  Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz  (slow 11.3%)

Copyright © 2012 Steve Shaw.  All rights reserved.  Reprint this list only with written credit to "Steve Shaw - www.SalsaNewYork.com ".

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"DJ's Listen Up!"

Article reprinted from www.UtahSalsa.com .
Original article at http://www.utahsalsa.com/picante/salsa_djs.php .


I go to Los Angeles quite often, and I am so impressed by the DJ's there. I wish I could take all the DJ's in Utah over there so they can see how good they are. By this I am not saying that the DJ's in Utah suck, all I am saying is that there is a lot of things that everyone can improve upon. And since L.A. has been playing Salsa longer, there is definitely some good stuff that our DJ's could learn.

When I was there, I couldn't help but notice that going Salsa dancing in Los Angeles is amazing, they are playing 6, 7, 8 Salsas in a row and then one or two Merengues or Cha Cha's, then again they come with some blasting Salsas. I've died and went to heaven I thought!. Not just that, but they make sure they play the hardcore Salsas too!

The harcore Salseros usually go early in the night, unlike here where they show up late in the night. So their stradegy is to play a lot of heavy Salsa at the beginning, and then when the drinkers come later on, then they start playing a bit less Salsa, ONLY A BIT LESS! they never play more than two or three Merengues or Cha Chas or other stuff. Now days there is just more of a demand for Salsa than Merengue or other type of social dancing in Los Angeles. If at any moment you go to a club, or latin event, you'll know what I am saying.

I started to talk to some people down there, this includes some famous DJ's down there too. They were explaining how they get the night going, and how they do follow certain procedures to make Salseros happy. So Utah DJ's, ready for this???

They "ALMOST" NEVER mix Salsa music!

It's something that "SOME DJ's" (not all, but some at some point) are Mixing Salsa Music from One Song to Another...

And after talking about and researching the subject I tell the DJ's here in Utah:

Or at least limit it to a certain amount...
If you were a dancer, you would understand, leave the Salsas Alone!

Imagine this, you are dancing this blasting Salsa song. Your partner is just great, he/she understand leading and following perfectly. It's one of the best songs you ever heard by the way. You are in a turn and you know you'll go into a CBL soon, and after that a turn and a perfect dip to complete the piece... not just that, but you know it will go exatly to the count of the song too! You get ready, you did the run, and you created the perfect CBL, and are turning into the fabulous dip. When all the sudden you notice that the DJ has just changed the song into another one that is in the middle of it! All that music accentuation lost. You are both very dissapointed, and are unsatisfied with the DJ.

This problem happens too often here in this state. I am not saying that the DJs here in Utah are bad, all I am saying is that is always good to learn from people who have more experience than you. We all know that DJs in Los Angeles have been playing longer than DJs here, so it is always good to follow what is successful. So after all that introduction, here... Djs, listen up. This is for you!


Remember that dancers like to go to a place where they'll play their type of music. So make sure you set your days of the week consistantly to keep them coming back for more.

It feel awful after you got ready, you get in the club and are ready to get your Salsa Fix, and you find out that the night has moved to another night. So stay consistent.


Remember that dancers live for the music. They are artists, trying to express themselves with the music. You need to give them that, the song is their canvas and they are painting it with their moves, steps, dips, tricks and so on.

If you don't let them complete their piece of work, then it is like taking candy from a baby right before the sweet bottom gets to be chewed on. Let them finish their work of art.


You need to make sure you remember that mixing does affect the dancers in ways you probably never thought.

  • It makes dancers uncomfortable because they have to stay with the same partner because the song is not ending.
  • It confuses the dancers because they don't know if the song is starting or is in the middle or maybe it's about to end.
  • Makes them uncomfortable when they stop dancing in what seems to be the middle of the next song.
  • It doesn't give you those extra precious seconds to walk off the floor, talk to your partner, thank them for the dance, take a breather, drink a sip of water and so on.
  • It makes dancers angry who live for that little extra dip to complete their master piece.
  • Does an injustice to the musicians who created the song.


The little time that you have between songs is very important to a dancer. They take that time to exchange thank yous to their partners, they look for new partners, take time to rest, take time to drink some water or other, look for friends, and so many more things. If you mix it then you are taking all those things away from them, things that they appreciate a lot.


I know that dancers do put up with a lot of stuff, bad floors, gross bathrooms, bad neighborhoods but I know that Music and DJing is one of the most important things they will not put up with. I'v seen places that are so nice, perfect floor, nice building, the cleanest bathroom, but because of the DJ and music selection, they go broke.

So it's nice to suggest a DJ in a very appreciative way. The DJ is a cheff of music, you must respect and suggest what you would like to entice your ears. It is always good to give DJs compliments, specially when they are doing an excellent job. If the DJ is not always playing what you want, it is always good to go with a possitive remark and then the suggestion, after all... He/She IS the DJ! and you are ONLY A DANCER! (yeah!). So it's good to take a drink with you and give it to the DJ, and always suggest it in a nice way what you would like. A drink may not always be good, but it is good to make them feel appreciated.


I am not in any way say to stop mixing all together. But instead limit the amount of songs that you know will be mixed really, really good... with no exception!

Salsa is the type of music that needs an ending, specially for the dancers. Some people may not agree and may think that all songs can be mixed, which in fact is true. If you are an excellent DJ, then you can mix any song that is in your way. But that doesn't mean that the dancers want all their songs mixed.

It is good to mix some, but the majority of the dancers love their songs to be left alone. Mixing is good but to a certain extent.

This article reprinted from www.UtahSalsa.com -  Original article at http://www.utahsalsa.com/picante/salsa_djs.php .





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