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Teaches In The San Francisco Bay area, California, USA

Seaon "Stylist" Bristol

SalsaNewYork Outside NY 
On2 Listed Instructor:

Currently Seaon "Stylist" Bristol is recognized by SalsaNewYork as an On 2 NY Style Mambo instructor who teaches outside the NY/NJ area. He has not been officially reviewed by SalsaNewYork, but does teach according to the NY "On 2" Style Definition established on the SalsaNewYork.com website.  Our Outside NY On2 Instructor Directory is not meant to serve as an endorsement, but rather as a public service to our readers/fellow New Yorkers.  Think of it as yet another one of our efforts to provide you with the most complete listing of NY On 2 Mambo instructors both in and outside the NYC area.  We hope that it can be used as a search method for fellow New Yorkers visiting other cities and who are seeking to contact the local "On2" scene.  But we mainly hope that it helps people in these cities locate NY style instructors without having to be in "New York".   For a list of reviewed SalsaNewYork mambo instructors in the NY/NJ area click here.  -   Manny Siverio





Classes are subject to change without notice  
it is always a good idea to confirm classes or clubs before heading out


  • Seaon is currently available to teach private classes. Those interested should contact him directly to discuss fees and scheduling.

Social Dances

Instructional Videos
Seaon has a brand new series of Instructional NY style Mambo videos.

  • Classic Mambo
    Level 1 - Footwork

  • Classic Mambo
    Level 1 - Partnerwork

  • Classic Mambo
    Level 3 - Footwork

  • Classic Mambo
    Level 3 - Partnerwork

  • Go to www.SeaonOnline.com and click on "Instructional DVDs".


  • Seaon currently caters to both adult and children.

Contact Info

  • Email:   SeaonSF@gmail.com

  • For Seaon's contact info & location, see his web site below.


Dance Company










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