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By Steve Shaw    
Email - salsa@nyc.rr.com

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WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF NEW YORK STYLE ON 2 MAMBO -  Hello and welcome all salsa dancers to www.SalsaNewYork.com .  Manny Siverio and I co-host this web site as a public service in our spare time, out of our love and passion for dancing mambo On 2.  We have filled it with a tremendous amount of dancing information to enrich your mambo experience and to help you quickly find many dancing resources which are available, so you can spend more time dancing and less time doing all the searching that we and others before us had to do.  We offer this info to ALL salsa dancers everywhere, regardless of what particular timing and style they may use.  This is your resource, and we want you to get all you can out of it.  We invite you to check out the entire web site on a regular basis, and especially whenever you're making plans to go out dancing, or when you just need your salsa fix.  We update it frequently,  sometimes daily, whenever new information  comes in.  Click on Navigate to see how to find all our information quickly and easily.

This is a specialty, niche web site, like a "mambo enthusiast's fan club", written for and about certain On 2  mambo dancers who dance what is often called "New York", "club", "street", "Latino" or "Eddie Torres" style salsa, a style most often associated with the Eddie Torres method, as well as the more than 60 other independent NY/NJ instructors & studios who teach & dance this same way exclusively out of their preference and passion for this particular method.  As is normal for most "fan clubs", we consider part of our mission to expand the world of this particular form of On 2 mambo by bringing together those who wish to dance in this way, by providing information to increase their knowledge as On 2 dancers, by helping to define and enlarge this particular On 2 community, and by furnishing a directory of independent instructors who teach this method exclusively out of their personal preference, commitment and passion for this way of dancing mambo.  We choose instructors who we believe share our singular commitment to dancing only in this way, who's primary interest, preference and natural feeling follows this method, who share our desire to expand the numbers of people dancing in this favorite way, and who desire to pass on this conviction to their students .

Also, our belief is that the only way to really understand and excel in dancing On 2 is to dance this way only.  Because of that, we don't believe in teaching multiple timings.  The many reasons given for teaching multiple timings by various studios has never made sense to us.  It just confuses and limits those who might become truly accomplished in On 2.  And it stands in the way of their feeling the rhythms of the music in the On 2 way.  This is why studios like Eddie Torres, Santo Rico, Karisma, Jimmy Anton, Yamulee, Carlos Konig, Mario B, Ismael Otero and many others teach only On 2, not a mix of timings.  If these people can teach and perform exclusively On 2, then so can anyone else who says that they prefer to dance On 2.

To clarify how we dance mambo:  We step on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th beats in the 8 beat salsa measure, and not on 4th and 8th, with the man beginning back with his left foot and the woman beginning forward with her right foot on the 1st beat of the measure.  We dance forward and back in a line or "slot", not side-to-side or in a circle or square.  We "Break On 2", meaning that we change direction on the 2nd beat, and also on the 6th beat.  See the detailed description by clicking on On 2 Defined.   When the term "On 2" is used on this web site, it refers to this specific method.

This method is technically different from other ways of dancing to salsa music, including some which also "break On 2",  such as ballroom , international , Razz M' Tazz , Cuban son montuno, as well as any others which step on 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 , those which "break" on 1, 3, or 4, and those which do not dance in a line or "slot".  

This dancer's web site is especially for this particular type of On 2 dancer, as well everyone else who would like to find out more about this exciting and unique way of dancing which is spreading around the world.  Please note that this web site does not claim to cover all aspects of the salsa scene, but rather just those of special interest to this particular group of On 2 mambo dancers who want to share partner dancing, turn patterns and shines with others who use the same method, so that the 2 partners can move together in a coordinated and synchronized way. 

This is a non-commercial, personal, public service  web site, set up to share information among the several thousand On 2 salsa-mambo dancers in the New York City metropolitan area, as well as other interested dancers from around the world.  We specialize.  We are not exclusionary....there's a big difference.  It's human nature for people to join together to share a common interest.  We attempt to be an information source, a "partner search service", helping these particular dancers find places to go where lots of salsa is played and others are dancing On 2 in the same way, and to provide articles and resources of particular interest to them.   Please note, however, that nothing here is meant to suggest that different ways of dancing to salsa music are any less legitimate or less enjoyable.  No offense is meant, and none should be taken.   The world is a big place with plenty of room for all the many ways of dancing mambo.  There are other specialty web sites which focus on these other timings and styles of dancing to salsa, and we invite you to check them out. 

From the very beginning, there have always been a few negative people who have misunderstood and criticized the idea of a web site which focuses on just one way of dancing to salsa music.  They have stated that it was in some way exclusionary, arrogant, or suggesting that other ways of dancing to salsa were less legitimate or less enjoyable.  This is totally not true.  And we have never understood their criticism.  Why is it OK to have a "NY Yankee fan club" which does not include Mets fans, or a "Ford Mustang fan club" which does not include Chevy owners, or a "Jennifer Lopez fan club" that doesn't deal with Puffy (anymore), or a merengue web site which doesn't cover salsa, or a salsa web site which doesn't include bachata and bomba-plena, but it's not OK to have an On 2 web site which does not cover other ways of dancing salsa?  This On 2 web site offers people with a similar interest and passion the opportunity to share it with others, and to expand and deepen their involvement in this dance, and to widen their circle of friends....even internationally.  That sounds pretty good to us!  We are very gratified to see the numbers of people who enjoy dancing On 2 growing every year, and we consider expanding that growth to be one of the goals of this web site.  We openly and happily promote dancing On 2.



DANCING SALSA ON 2 - DESCRIPTION, INSTRUCTORS, TRAINING VIDEOS -   If you would like to read a description of this type of "mambo breaking On 2", or if you are not sure if you already dance in this style,  Click here   .  If you would like to learn how to dance salsa breaking On 2, and you live in or visit the NYC area, click on Instructors for information on the many excellent  classes and teachers that are available here.   If you are not here locally and live elsewhere, click on Training Tapes for self-study information on video and audio instructional tapes, plus internet articles on salsa technique.



EMAIL US WITH INFORMATION -   More than 10,000 viewers a week come to this web site to get information about salsa.  Whether you are a performer, a producer or organizer of salsa events, a salsa-mambo social dancer, a club owner, or anyone knowing of true classic mainstream salsa music and mambo dancing events, please send information for us to consider posting.  We're interested in salsa clubs, concerts, festivals, dance contests, and salsa events at parks, beaches, stadiums, street fairs, dance studios, where ever, especially those which play at least 75% classic salsa for the whole event.  Along with our own resources, we depend on people like you to keep new information coming in.  It takes input from a lot of people to make this "On 2 salsero network or bulletin board" work.   To send info about the more "pure On 2 mambo events", and any other subjects which appear in the Dancer's Guide, email  Steve Shaw .  Our main Calendar list only events with a lot of classic salsa music played:  see our Guidelines.  To send info about instruction, articles, or anything which would appear in the Dancer's Magazine, email   Manny Siverio .  To send info that would appear in our Salsa News section, please email BOTH of us.  Or, if you are not sure which section of our web site your information or question relates to, again, please email BOTH of us to be sure your info gets to the right person.  Please understand that we have to limit the content of this web site based on format, editorial policy, how much time we have, and our personal principles, so posting of information will be at our discretion. 

Steve - salsa@nyc.rr.com                                   Manny - manny@mannysiverio.com 



Editorial Policies  - Descriptions and  comments  about events, instruction and resources are merely personal observations and opinions by us or others providing input.  As such, they are legally protected free speech and free press, presented solely to share impressions within an informal "network of salsa-mambo dancers".  This dancer's web site openly represents and promotes the special interests of the NY/NJ metro area On 2 mambo dancers exclusively, including both performers and social dancers.  It does not represent other interests such as sponsors, commercial entities, DJ's,  promoters, events and directors, or government.  Being a private, personal web site, all content is to be considered editorial opinion, and no claim is made to be presenting more than one side of any issue.   We list a lot of information about the world of salsa/mambo, but no claim is made to being comprehensive, complete or non-judgmental.  We list content at our own discretion, based on whether the information, event or resource is relevant to our format, appropriate to our editorial policy, and in keeping with our personal principles, preferences and beliefs.  We do not list those events or products presented by those who we believe have disrespected us or members of the New York-New Jersey On 2 mambo community. 

Use Of Our Material  -  We have spent a great deal of our personal time, effort and money to build and maintain this web site, including the content on it and the email newsletters that we occasionally send out.  All of our original material is copyright protected under U.S. federal law - see Federal Copyright Law Information .  As such, it cannot be used as someone else's material.  Permission to use this information must be given first, and then credit must be given to the author and this web site.   We thank you for your respect and cooperation.

We ask you to obey the copyright laws and respect what we have done by giving credit to us if you use some of our material.  If you quote or copy information, articles, directories or other content from us, please make it clear that the source was www.SalsaNewYork.com and provide a link to our site.  If we have indicated the name of the writer, we ask you to include that person's name and the source web site www.SalsaNewYork.com , as well as a link to that material and/or to our Home Page.  We do not charge for, nor restrict, the use of our material;  we simply ask for recognition.  Thank you very much. 



DISCLAIMER & LIABILITY -   Anyone familiar with the entertainment business knows that events, classes and resources don't always happen as announced or planned.  The information posted on this web site has been gathered and listed as accurately as possible.  However, mistakes by anyone may happen.  Also, any description or recommendation given here may no longer be valid.   Obviously, there can be no guarantees about how an event or resource will actually be.  To be absolutely sure of the details, please call ahead to verify all information.  We are not liable for any changes in events or errors in information provided.  We are only 2 guys maintaining this web site in our spare time, and we do the best we can.  We strive for accuracy, but we make no guarantee.  We have a pretty good record, but we're not perfect.



by Steve Shaw
Founder & Co-Host of SalsaNewYork.com - ON 2 Mambo Nut  -  Social Dancer

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