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Links are arranged in order from being relevant to local "On 2" dancers here in NYC, or closer to NYC, to those elsewhere in the world.  We also include a few general salsa sites.  We only list sites written in English.

Regarding our links to salsa dance sites, we only link to the following types of sites:

1)  General salsa dance web sites which cover many events & many instructors/studios in a specific geographical area or wider. 

2)  "On 2" salsa web sites which cover a particular instructor or instructors, or a particular studio, which teach exclusively "On 2" .  In other words, no other salsa timings or styles are taught by the same instructors or at the same studio.  This means sites of PURE On 2 instructors and studios.

3)  Since SalsaNewYork.com promotes the "New York", "Eddie Torres", "street/club" style of dancing to salsa On 2, using the 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 timing, we do  not list any dance sites which promote any another method, or any instructor sites which teach any another method.


Local Mambo Web Sites                                

Local New York / New Jersey Metro Area "On 2" Web Sites

General Salsa Dance Web Sites Not Promoting A Dance Studio or Instructors

Geographically Based Salsa Dance Web Sites - USA

Geographically Based Salsa Dance Web Sites - International

Diversified Salsa Web Sites

General NYC Events Web Sites


We have links to On 2 web sites at 4 locations here on www.SalsaNewYork.com -

     -  Magazine Home Page - Scroll down to see web sites on the left side.

     -  More On 2 Sites -  Sites about On 2 from around the world.

     -  Performing Groups  - Sites for many of our On 2 dance teams.

     -  Instructors  -  Sites for many of our On 2 teachers & studios.

www.SalsaMagazine.com - Mr. Salsa - Izzy Sanabria's Salsa Pages

New Jersey events, instructors, DJs and more - www.JerseySalsa.com .


www.AbakuaDancers.com            www.Addie-Tude.com             http:/almyra.on2q.com            www.AprilOn2.com

 www.BroadwayDanceSchool.com               www.CandyMena.com               www.CaribbeanSoulDancers.com     

 www.CarlosKonig.com            www.ConSazon.com            www.DanceOn2.com              www.DanceMambo.com   

www.DescargaLatina.com               www.Divafied.com             www.DJRumbero.com              www.DulceBembe.com  

www.Duplessey.com               www.EddieTorres.com                    www.Go-Winsome.com            www.IMambo.tv       

www.JaiCandy.com              www.JimmyAnton.com      www.Jorday.com        www.JustMambo.com            

 www.KarismaDancers.com             www.KissYesenia.com                  www.LaSalsaDeHoy.com    

www.LatinFeverOn2.com             www.Latin-Madness.com              LatinReflections              www.Learn2Salsa.com     

www.LorenzDanceStudio.com              www.Mambo2ChaCha.com             www.MamboConCache.com     

www.MamboD.us.com               www.MamboFateegz.com               www.MamboMamas.com                 www.MambOn2.com      

www.MamboPhoto.com            www.MamboPics.com       www.MamboShowdown.com            www.MamboUnico.com

www.MamboWithMario.com                www.MannySiverio.com              www.MarcusNieves.com  

www.NYCSalsaCongress.com               www.NydiaOcasio.com                www.NYMamboOn2.com          www.NYSalsaBaby.com       

Princeton University Salsa Club             www.On2Guru.com             www.On2Productions.com              www.PartyAfterWork.com            

www.PielCanela.com          www.R-U-Dancing.com             www.SalsaBeat.net               www.SalsaExtreme.com             

 www.SalsaFeverOn2.com          www.SalsaGroove.com             www.SalsaNewYork.com              www.SalsaSalsaDanceStudio.com          

www.SamanthaErskine.com         www.SantoRico.com       www.ShaniTalmor.com      www.SideStreetKids.org               www.SmilingDavid.com       

www.SohoDanceStudio.com              www.StarliteDance.com              www.Time2DanceAcademy.com     

www.TropicalImageDancers.com               www.TumiMambo.com               www.U-NeekSounds.com          




SalsaAvenue - A site which is a directory of salsa informational sites from all over the world, located by maps.

www.SalsaFrenzy.com - A site with directories of mambo dancers locally & all over the world, listing instructors, DJs, performers, social dancers, etc.

www.JerseySalsa.com - Lists New Jersey events, instructors, DJs, etc.

www.LatinClubs.com -  A web site for Latin events in the NYC area.  Limited listing of  boat parties, club calendars, club listings, etc.

www.nyceclubs.com - Limited listing of a few clubs in the NYC area, with maps of their locations.

www.NewYorkSalsaClubs.com - A NYC web site listing clubs, salsa parties and other info of interest to salsa lovers.

www.SalsaWeb.com  -  International Latin culture & salsa  web site for articles, people, places, happenings all over the world, hosted by Edie "The SalsaFreak".     

If you will be traveling,  find salsa clubs, events, and people  in other cities and countries, in the SalsaWeb   "City Guides"

And Click Here to see Edie's article on how to find a salsa club anywhere in the world.   

See also  www.SalsaFreak.com   -  An associated web site, a further elaboration on SalsaWeb.com, by its founder Edie "The SalsaFreak", with more interesting salsa  features, news, articles, services and humor. 

www.DanceFreak.com - Another web site of Edie "The Salsa Freak".

Listings of Salsa Congresses -  See our own Listing of Salsa Congresses.  Also see  World Events Listing of www.TOSalsa.com , DanceSpots.net Events www.AlbertTorresEvents.com , SalsaPower.com World Events , Salsa Mania Web , www.AngelOritz.com MamboGeneration.com/Events , SalsaSF.com Congress Listings ,

Web Sites With Video Clips Of Mambo Dancers -  Here are several web sites which show video clips of mambo dancers performing and social dancing at various events:  www.IMambo.tv , www.TOSalsa.com , www.Salsaloon.com .

www.LatinNet.co.uk - Has links to salsa web sites in USA and around the world, broken down by city, state & country.  See their World Wide Directory of salsa sites, and then choose between North America, South America, Europe, Asia, UK (England), Australia & New Zealand.  United States Web Sites are broken down by State & City.

http://www.salsaweb.com/world-hotlinks.htmAn extensive listing of links to salsa dance web sites all over the world.

www.SalserosWeb.com  - LA based site with information about salsa worldwide.

www.LaMusica.com - This web site has a listing of events where there will be Latin music.   It includes a New York City club guide, an Upcoming Concerts and Tours guide, and a National and Worldwide Club Guide for those who will be traveling.  LaMusica.com's emphasis is mainly on the music industry, and not specifically mambo dancing, so be sure to check their listed events or clubs to verify if there will be mambo dancing. 

www.nycdc.com  -  The New York City Dance Connection - A web site which connects you to all kinds of information and web sites having to do with dancing:  salsa, ballroom, tango, etc., in NYC.  Has calendars of events in NYC, and links to many web sites for dancing, products, studios, and more.   If you are looking for a dance partner, click on the Partner Search icon at the top of the Home Page.

Aria's Dance Page - An extensive listing of where to go dancing In New York City and several other cities in the U.S.   Covers all kinds of dancing and dance clubs, not just salsa.  Also discusses topics such as dance etiquette, essentials of social dancing, essentials of dance competitions, books on dancing, consumer guidelines on dance studios, dance syllabuses, and links to general dance organizations, resources and establishments, supplies and services.

Salsero Corner Message Board - A place on the web where dancers can write in with ideas and comments about salsa, and respond to each other's messages.  Hosted by Piero Gonzalez

www.SalsaForums.com - Another site where dancers can write in with ideas and share discussion about salsa dancing, music and more. 

www.LaVozDeMambo.com - Atlanta, Georgia, based site with articles about salsa, dancers & songs.

www.DanceSpots.net  -  The DanceSpots Network is a free site for dancers, dance teachers and dance venues, providing information on how to locate these throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Also has dance news, advice and product info. 

www.STMLyrics.com -  Has the lyrics of salsa songs written out.

Henry's Salsa Dance Hot List  - Many links to salsa organizations, events, web sites, dance clubs, activities, information, all over the world. 

Saphire Swan Dance Directory - A directory of international salsa dancing links.  Also has links to web sites covering all other dances, such as ballroom, latin, flamenco, country and western, belly dancing, Chinese, Indian, Irish, jazz, ballet, folk, Greek, and more.

Latin American Dances International Circuit - The Latin American Dances - International Circuit is a list of international links to information, events, music and happenings about the Latin American Music and Dance world.

Latin Dance - The World Wide Salsa Navigator - "Where do you want to dance tonight?".  A listing of 275 salsa clubs, plus 52 other club directories, all over the world, including North and South America, Europe, Austral-Asia.  Also has latin dance styles, books, and links to other salsa web sites.  See also www.Latin-Dance.de  .  


 -  An international listing of places to go Latin dancing all over the world.

www.SalsaFrenzy.com - A site with directories of mambo dancers locally & all over the world, listing instructors, DJs, performers, social dancers, etc.

New Jersey - www.JerseySalsa.com

Web sites based in Philadelphia covering Philadelphia., Pennsylvania and South Jersey with a variety of features including salsa events for dancing.   www.SalsaFlava.com  and  www.PhillySalseros.com .

Salsa in Washington DC - If you are traveling to DC and want to go out dancing, check out these web sites for information on where the salsa clubs are located.   These sites also have articles and reports on salsa events both in DC and elsewhere in the world which attract dancers from all over:  www.Salsamor.com www.Latin-Dance.Comwww.TheSalsaNews.com , www.SalsaFuego.com  ,  www.SalsaDC.com , www.StuckOnSalsa.com , www.SalsaborProductions.com .

Sites in Boston, Massachusettswww.SalsaFrenzy.com has international directory of people in the salsa world - also has a calendar of salsa events for Boston, including On 2 salsa events.   Other Boston web sites are www.MamBostOn2.comwww.SalsaBoston.comwww.AprilOn2.com On 2 site ,  www.MambOriginals.com .

Florida Eric Baez, former NY salsero and member of the Eddie Torres Dancers teaches "On 2" in Orlando, Florida.  His web site is www.UniversalMambo.com , email EBaez@universalmambo.com , phone 321-948-8252.

www.BornToSalsa.com - For Miami and South Florida area.

www.MamboConCache.com - An On 2 site listing classes and events in Miami Beach & Dania Beach areas, with classes also in the Bronx.

There are also regular Florida socials and On 2 classes with Jimmy Anton's brother Harry in the Ft. Lauderdale area.  Jimmy Anton is a New York On 2 instructor who holds the longest running a most popular mambo social here.  For more information on Harry's socials, he can be called at 954-978-7355. 

More Florida web sites:  www.hotsalsadancecompany.com (On 2).   www.SalSabor Tropical.com - has On 2 classes and socials in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale areas. 

North Carolina - www.CoboBrothers.com  On 2 site

Salsa Web Sites in the L.A. Area - These sites cover events, instruction, articles, etc., about the L.A. salsa scene:

www.salsaweb.com/la/index.htm                   www.SalsaFreak.com                        www.salsaweb.com/albert

www.SeaonStylist.com  ON 2 web site        www.latindance.com        www.MamboFello.com          www.VidaSalsera.com

www.PlanetSalsa.com  -   A site with what appears to be written from both east and west coasts.  Covers events, interviews, a glossary of salsa terms, articles, music instructors, and much more.   Has especially interesting articles. 

Arizona - Phoenix -  www.SalsaDancingPhoenix.com

San Francisco salsa web sites:  www.SalsaByTheBay.com lists places to dance, instructors, teams, etc. for the Bay Area.  www.SalsaConSabor.com,    www.MamboRomero.com (teaches & performs On 2), www.SalsaMania.org (On 2).

Texas salsa web sites - Houston  www.HoustonSalsa.homestead.com and  www.HoustonSalsaEvents.com   -  Dallas www.SalsaDallas.com

Chicago based web sites with salsa information on clubs, concerts, artists, radio, etc.  www.SalsaChicago.comwww.Salseros.comwww.DescargaCaribeDance.com (On 2 site) .

Latin Events In Ohio - Lists Latin & salsa events in major cities in Ohio.

Indianapolis -   www.SalsaIndy.com , an Indianapolis source for salsa dancing.

Salsa In Utah -  www.UtahSalsa.com , www.SalsaInUtah.com (On 2 site) .

Seattle, Washingtonwww.SalsaCaliente.comwww.salsapromotions.com ,

Hawaii  -  www.SalsaOn2.com


 -  An international listing of places to go Latin dancing all over the world.

www.SalsaFrenzy.com - An international site with directories of mambo dancers locally & all over the world, listing instructors, DJs, performers, social dancers, etc.  Run by Anthony Mayor in Boston.

www.SalsaNewYork.com - See our list of Major Salsa Events & Congresses .

Salsa Web Sites in Canada -   www.ToSalsa.comwww.VancouverSalsa.com , www.SalsaCanada.com , www.SalsaSpot.com , www.OurSalsaThing.com , www.latinmusicschool.com , www.vancouversalseros.com , www.salsafanatics.com , http://www.easysalsa.com/ , http://www.torontonightclub.com/ , http://www.montrealconsabor.com/ , http://www.salsa.ca/ , www.SalsaMontreal.com , www.SalsaTO.ca .

Toronto, Canada - Web site for an "On 2" dance studio, instructors and events - www.iFreeStyle.ca - run by Caryl and Angus.

Puerto Rican Web Siteshttp://www.noti-salsa.com/

Mexico -   www.acallisalsa.com.mx

Chile -  www.maestravida.cl

Web sites in England -  "On 2" sites -  http://www.mambocity.co.ukhttp://www.manhattanmambo.co.uk .
Other salsa sites - http://www.bath.ac.uk/~su7salsa/  ,     http://www.justsalsa.co.uk/ , www.SalsaLife.co.uk , www.SalsaConnexion.co.ukhttp://www.salsa2000.co.uk/   ,  http://www.salsajive.co.uk/ , www.SalsaVillage.com , www.SalsaMafia.com (based in England & Belgium), www.Salsa-UK.com
Links to many British salsa sites - http://members.lycos.co.uk/djneil/files/uksites.htm  ,  http://www.salsavillage.com/links.html

Salsa web site in Ireland - www.IrishSalsa.com .

Salsa Dancing in Amsterdam, Holland & Netherlands  - Before New York was "New York", it was called "New Amsterdam".  Maybe they had salsa dancing before we did too.  These web sites have info on Dutch salsa music, bands, dance clubs, plus links to other salsa sites.  www.castillo-dancecenter.nl/indexe.htmwww.xs4all.nl/~ehautus/salsa-amsterdam.htmlhttp://www.salsanet.nlwww.TheLatinWorld.nl   & www.salsadancinglnamsterdam

Salsa Web Sites for Norway  - www.SalsaSite.com - Hosted by Reyza Corneliussen.  Another salsa site from northern Norway - www.TromsoSalsa.com  from the city of Tromso.  Erik & Consuelo teach exclusively On 2, perform and hold socials.  This is also their web site http://www.5678move.com/ .

Sweden -  www.salsacamp.com

Denmark -  www.hifisalsa.dk  ,  www.dejembe.dk

Salsa Music and Dancing in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux -  Der Salsaholic.  A listing of music and dancing events and places in several parts of Europe.

Belgian Web Site -  www.NewYorkSalsa.be - Dance studio of Conny & the NuYorican Co.  Email - conny@advalvas.be .  Phone +32.486/28.48.69.  Conny has classes, workshops, socials and info on Belgian salsa clubs & activities.  Other Belgian web sites:  www.Salsamor.be .

German Web Siteswww.Salsa-Berlin.com (run by DJ Rumbero in Berlin - www.El-Rumbero.com ),  www.SalsaYes.dewww.salsomania.de , www.salsaholic.dewww.salsa.de , www.Braunschweig-Salsa.de , www.SalsaFFM.de , http://www.salsa-amt.de/  salsa info for Berlin, http://salsa-in-frankfurt.com/  "Salsa in Frankfurt", http://www.salsaclubshamburg.de/  "Salsa in Hamburg".

Spain - www.SalsaManiaweb.com , www.TodoSalsa.com

Portugal - www.SalsaBraga.com is one of the sites for information on dancing in Portugal, especially salsa, where you can find listed the main events, festivals, information and tips.

Italy -  www.MamboStar.it (On 2 site),  www.djlatino.net , www.Muevete.it

French salsa web sites listing clubs, events and salsa music - http://www.chez.com/abri/a/index.htm   , 
http://www.salsa-fr.com/  ,    http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/parissalsa ,   http://www.salsaweb.com/europe/salsabor/   ,  http://www.salsaweb.com/cityguides/france/paris/  ,  http://salsalovers.multimania.com   ,   http://www.salsa-fr.com/salsabor/   (ON 2 web site) .  www.salsaloca.fr.st , www.salsa-fr.com/salsabor/  , www.SalsaFrance.com/english   , www.salsacaliente.ht.st , www.SalsaFuriosa.com , www.SalsaPartners.net/Home.htm .

European salsa web site - www.SalsaManiaWeb.com

Links to many international salsa sites - http://members.lycos.co.uk/djneil/files/global_sites.htm , http://www.salsavillage.com/links.html

Salsa Web Site in Israel http://www.salsa.org.il/english.htm

Salsa Site in Turkey  -  www.salsalogy.com

Salsa in Australiawww.LatinExplosion.com.au - a NY On 2 studio web site where they teach many kinds of dance -  www.LatinDance.com.au is a major studio group featuring classes and affiliation with many big salsa events  -   www.SydneySalsaScene.com has extensive listings of dance events, classes & workshops in Sydney, Australia.

Korea - "Dance Magazine" - A salsa and Latin web site in Korea covering salsa, merengue, flamenco, listing clubs, dance classes, links.  It is at  http://myhome.netsgo.com/magickim/default.htm .

Japanese Salsa Web Sites - www.mambomachine.com On 2  - Click on the word "English" for the English version.  www.MamboBash.com On 2.  Also  www.salsa.co.jp  , http://home4.highway.ne.jp/wakana/ , http://www.ne.jp/asahi/salsa/f-latina/ , http://www.dcc-wao.co.jp/salsa/ , www.makoto.kato.com , www.Estreme-Salsa.com .

Hong Kong - www.HKMambo.com , www.HKSalsa.com , www.HKSalsaCongress.com

"On 2" Salsa Web Site in Bangkok, Thailandhttp://www.salsabangkok.com  - written in English.  www.ThailandSalsaClub.com .

Russia  -  A salsa web site in Russia.  And it has information about those who dance On 2 in Russia.  See www.Salsa.ru .

India  -  Click on http://www.salsa-india.com/  -  https://salsanights.in/ .


SalsaAvenue - A site which is a directory of salsa informational sites from all over the world, located by maps.

www.SalsaFrenzy.com - A site with directories of mambo dancers locally & all over the world, listing instructors, DJs, performers, social dancers, etc.

www.descarga.com - Many links to web sites specializing in salsa and Latin music, international salsa sources, other interesting music sites, sites on musicians, dance, percussion, resources for the Hispanic community, travel to Latin destinations, and Latin publications.

www.congahead.com - A web site about latin percussion:  instruments, events, articles, photos and interviews with percussionists, etc.

www.SalsaPower.com , www.SaborMagazine.net .


www.SalsaChannel.net - A salsa web site with forums, videos and salsa resources.


www.NewYorkled.com - New Yorkled - NYC's Informational / Pictorial Magazine.

www.GoNYC.About.com               www.NYCVisit.com               www.BrooklynX.com               www.ILoveTheBronx.com

www.StreetFairsNYC.com               www.EastHarlem.com               www.NYC.gov               www.HudsonRiverFestival.com

www.LincolnCenter.org               www.CaribeCenter.org               www.JCAL.org               www.ChelseaPiers.com    

www.BryantPark.org               Village Voice Summer Concerts               www.SouthStreetSeaport.com               www.AIVJD.com

NewYorkCityParks Concerts               www.NYSParks.com               www.SpiceMedia.net               www.CentralParkNYC.org

www.SummerStage.org               www.SeaportMusicCruises.com               www.BrooklynConcerts.com               www.JandR.com

www.RiverToRiverNYC.org               www.CarnegieHall.org               City Sounds Concerts               First Saturdays @ Bkln Museum

www.BrooklynConcerts.com               www.HudsonRiverPark.com        



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