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Latin Madness
Behind the Scene Photos during rehearsals

-by Manny Siverio

These photos were taken backstage during our Sunday April 29th performance at the Heckscher Theater. 

Latin Madness Special Guest Ray Sepulveda and his wife Margie 
relax in the theatre before the door the doors open to the general 

Luis Zegarra who kindly allowed Latin Madness to do a spoof 
on him during the show's Mambo Showdown segment, sits back 
before the Sunday show with Toni Mendoza (who helped hold 
down the fort behind the scenes by working the box office that day). 

Enjoying a few moments together before having to go back stage to 
dress up for the show are Latin Madness cast members Stracy Diaz 
(Descarga Latina), Debbie Hanoka (Abakua) and Aisha Koswara (Abakua).

Latin Madness cast member Addie Diaz, takes a moment 
to pose with U.K. (London) mambo instructor Robert White. 
Robert along with his wife Jean were among several people 
who flew into town to catch the show (as a matter of fact 
they came in to see all three performances). 

The only live photo of the show.... This photo was taken by me while 
on stage during the opening Mambo Class in New York scene. Cast 
members were portraying the many different characters one might find 
today at a typical mambo class, so I posed as a web-author wanting to 
take a picture of a local mambo instructor for my web site (big stretch 
for me). In the background are cast members (L-R) Addie Diaz (Addie-Tude 
Dance Co.), Luis Zegarra and Nelson Flores (Descarga Latina).

Backstage I take a moment to pose with the Abakua dancers before 
they do their popular "Libertad" number. 

Latin Madness Co-Producer Carlos Mendoza poses with Latin 
Madness cast member Cesar Taveras (Abakua) as he is getting 
dress for the men's "Love For Sale" drag number.

Cast members relaxing backstage. Latin Madness cast members 
take a moment to pose for the camera as they wait their turn to 
dance on stage. (L-R) Cesar Taveras (Abakua) waits to go onstage 
for the "Love For Sale" drag number, while Manny Blackett (Addie-tude) 
waits to do the "Shining Knight" Cha-Cha number and Cindy Carrion 
(Descarga Latina) just finished doing  the Fosse-like "Cuban Fantasy" 

Luis Zegarra, Artie Ramos (owner of Side Street) and Latin Madness 
Special Guest Ray Sepulveda take a second to pose back stage 
during intermission.

Latin Madness cast members Addie Diaz (Addie-Tude) and 
Manny Siverio (Addie-Tude) pose in front of camera during 
intermission before the opening Side Street scene of Act II.

Manny Siverio (Addie-Tude), slaps a friendly hand on Jai Catalano (Jai & Candy) who plays the "Sun Burnt" dancer in the Side Street Club Scene of Act II.

(L-R) Manny Blackett (Addie-Tude) and Manny 
(Addie-Tude) take a second to pose minutes 
before performing the "Hustler" gang number.

Artie Ramos (L) backstage with singer Ray Sepulveda. Artie came to 
congratulate all the dancers on their excellent performance.

The entire Latin Madness cast (along with Artie Ramos and Carlos Mendoza) 
pose for the cast picture...... and as they say in the film biz-ness.... 
"thats a wrap" (for now).



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