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Latin Madness
Behind the Scene Photos during theatre rehearsals

-by Manny Siverio

These photos were first taken when members of the Latin Madness cast were rehearsing at the Heckscher Theater. 

The Stretching Corner
Many of the Latin Madness cast members stretched out before rehearsing at the theater.

Some dancers like Jai Catalano (Co-Director, Jai & Candy) are happy to use a rail as a makeshift stretching bar.

Other dancers like Addie Diaz (Director, Addie-tude Dance Co.) rather stretch by the rugged floor neat the seats.

Still others like Candy Mena (Co-Director, Jai & Candy) and Stracy Diaz (Descarga Latina Dance Co.) prefer to stretch just under the stage area.

Then we have Abby Plotkin (Director, Mambo Mamas and the Papas), who has her own version of pre-rehearse stretching. 8-)

Love For Sale Skit
One of the Comedy Skits for Latin Madness was the Drag number Love for Sale. The number was choreographed by Addie Diaz (Addie-Tude Dance Co.) and is part (the non-drag version) of her Medley dance number.

Addie Diaz (Director, Addie-Tude Dance Co.) helping the "Girls" learn the choreography for Love For Sale. In the background we see (L-R) Mario Gonzalez (Mambo Mamas & the Papa), Juan Matos (Santo Rico Dance Co.) and Nelson Flores (Director, Descarga Latina Dance Co.).

Nelson Flores (Director, Descarga Latina Dance Co), going over his Love for Sale solo. Jesus Nieves (Descarga Latina Dance Co.) & Mario Gonzalez (Mambo Mamas & the Papa) waiting In the background to do their solos.

Jesus Nieves (Descarga Latina Dance Co.) doing his Love For Sale solo. Thomas Guerrero (Director, Santo Rico Dance Co.), Cesar Taveras (Abakua Dancers) & Mario Gonzalez (Mambo Mamas and the Papa) (L-R) waiting for their solos.

This is no Macarena, but even Osmar Perrones (Santo Rico Dance Co.) and Julio Enrique Heredia (Descarga Latina) got into the act.


Mambo Mamas & The Papa at work & play during the Heckscher Theater rehearsals:

Even Mambo Mamas (Amanda Cardona), have to practice quick wardrobe changes. 8-)

The Mambo Mamas & the Papa (Amanda, Mario, Abby & Deborah) take a 
second to smile for the camera.

The Mambo Mamas (L-R) Amanda, Deborah & Abby, take a moment to surprise the Papa (Mario) with a birthday cake behind stage.


Other moments frozen in time worth remembering

The Latin Madness male cast members pitching in to roll out the dance floor we would be using during the show. What can we say, it may have been low budget to produce it, but the show and performances were top notch! Here we have (Left to Right) Osmar Perrones (Santo Rico) with his back to the camera, Manny Siverio (Addie-Tude), Julio Enrique Heredia (Descarga Latina), Marcus Nieves (Descarga Latina) and Sammy Irizarry (Descarga Latina) hard at work.

The man of the hour, Herbie Quinones. His wit and humor held the show together and made it possible for the dance numbers to flow naturally from one to another.

The Santo Rico "Boys" (L-R Josh, Thomas, Osmar) tearing up the floor rehearsing their solo.

(L-R) Sammy Irizarry (Descarga Latina Dance Co.), Manny Blackett (Addie-tude Dance Co.), Manny Siverio (Addie-tude Dance Co.) & Jai Catalano (Jai & Candy) rehearsing the zoot zuit cha-cha number Shining Knight (Choreographed by Addie Diaz).

Nelson Flores with future Latin Madness cast member and son Devin Flores.

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