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by Steve Shaw

1.  Charge For Listing Events -  Between 2000 and 3000 dancers ("unique viewers") look at this site every single day.  When an event is posted on our site, a lot of people see it.  We are a free public service web site for the On 2 mambo dancers, so we do not charge money for listings.  However, as "payment" for our listing an event, we ask that all flyers, emails, FaceBook or other social media listings, and other promotional materials distributed by the promoters for that event, have our web site clearly written as follows:  www.SalsaNewYork.com (with the S, N and Y capitalized), or use our logo (sized big enough so it is clearly legible).  Our logo is at the top of this page.  Also, we ask that several announcements made during the event mention www.SalsaNewYork.com .  And, of course, if we come to the event, we would like to be on the guest list for 2 people.  When you consider how many dancers are looking at this site every day, we believe this is a fair trade.

2We Only List Certain Salsa Dancing Events  -  Please look at what it says at the top of this and every page of this web site:  "SalsaNewYork.com:  A Web Site About New York Style Mambo Dancing "Breaking On 2".  This is not a general salsa web site, or a general Latin entertainment web site, or a web site about Latin music or Latin culture, history or Latin jazz.  This is a dancer's web site only.  More specifically, it is for a very distinct group of social dancers who use a certain timing and style:  they dance mambo "New York style breaking On 2", sometimes called "Eddie Torres style".  And that is all we are concerned with and all we focus on.  See our Welcome & Description of this web site, and see our Definition of Dancing On 2.  Every month, thousands of separate individual dancers come to this web site to read our information and to decide where to go out dancing "On 2".  Out of the hundreds of Latin events going on in the New York metropolitan area, we only list a few, the ones which will appeal to these mainstream "On 2" mambo social dancers.

3.  We Mainly List Events Within New York City -  We almost never list events outside of the 5 boroughs of New York City.  The reason is that we are just 2 guys doing this non-commercial web site in our spare time, and at our own expense, and we have to check each event out personally and also have to know, or get to know, the people putting on the event so we can be sure of the music and the setting and whether it would be pleasing to our "On 2" viewers.  It is almost impossible for us to personally visit and monitor events outside of the City.  Of those very few events listed on our calendar which are not in New York City, they are not too far away and they are put on by people who we know personally because they socialize in the "On 2" community within New York City.  We are sorry but our time and resources are very limited. 

If we do not know you personally from within the NYC "On 2" mambo scene, then we cannot consider listing your event until it has been running for at least several months or a year or more, and it has been promoted at the "On 2" mambo events, and it has already attracted a crowd of mainstream "On 2" dancers who we can get feedback from. 

We don't list events on boats or ships.  We don't list dance competitions, dance performances (unless they occur in a social dancing setting) or salsa concerts in a stadium or theater.

4.  We Mainly List Events Only Put On By People We Know Personally From The NYC "On 2" Community -  Since we are focused on social dance events for this narrow niche group of "On 2" dancers, we can only list quickly an event being run by someone, or DJd by someone, we know well personally because we know of their "On 2" commitment and we've been to their events before.  When new events come along put on by, or DJd by, someone who we are not personally familiar with, we then wait before listing that event until we see that it is appropriate for the mainstream "On 2" dancers and we see that those producing the event are out there promoting at the "On 2" places.  We would also not list quickly any event put on by someone we know who never put on an event before that we've attended, or who put on a previous event we attended which wasn't good for the On 2 dancers.  We can only list an event when it is put on by someone we can be comfortable with and we have a good relationship with. 

If an event is put on by a dance studio, we will only list its event if that studio teaches the standard "New York On 2 / Eddie Torres Style" exclusively.  If a studio teaches different timings and styles of dancing to salsa, we won't list their events.  This is our way of promoting the NY On 2 style.

We are not a promotional site, we don't help events become more successful.  We wait until the event creates popularity with the mainstream "On 2" social dancing crowd and only then do we list it on our calendar.  Our calendar is a guide for the "On 2" social dancers, not a promotional tool for events.

Since keeping our information accurate and up-to-date is our first priority, we must have open and quick communication available by phone (voice) and email with those putting on events listed on our site.  At times of possible changes in an event, or a cancellation (for example, due to weather), promoters must tell us as early as possible so that we can let our viewers know of the changes.  And if we call or email promoters about their events, they must be able to respond very promptly.  Without that kind of quick communication, we will not list an event, or we will remove one that is already listed.

5We List Events That Have Good "On 2" Attendance  -  Our viewers go to events listed on our calendar in order to dance with many On 2 partners.  They range from beginner to advanced "On 2" dancers.  That means that any event listed on our calendar must have a lot of "On 2" people there, and there must be a range of dancers at different skill levels.  Who ever puts on an event must build up the attendance of "On 2" dancers through their own promotion with flyers at our various "On 2" events, email promotion, internet and word of mouth.  We cannot list an event which has not yet built up a good crowd of mainstream "On 2" regulars because our viewers would not have enough "On 2" partners to dance with.  We are not promoters.  We serve the dancers who are looking for good events, not the promotersWe wait until an event is consistently well attended by "On 2" dancers before we consider listing it on our calendar.  Very often, we wait until we know people personally who have been going to an event and give it a good recommendation.

If an event is given in a dance studio, dance hall, community center, gym or similar venue, we wouldn't list it unless a very large majority, at least 80% or more, are dancing exclusively On 2, and there is an approximate 50% - 50% balance of women and men On 2 partners available so everyone will have someone to dance with.  In other words, it is truly a mainstream On 2 event. 

If an event is given in a general night club, or is one of the many summer outdoor salsa events in a New York park or on a pier, we are less insistent on a high percentage of On 2 dancers there when we consider listing it.  But always, we ask the question:  "If an On 2 dancer goes to such an event, because they saw it listed on our calendar, will they find the right music and On 2 partners in order to have a good time?"  That is the service our calendar is offering.

6A Certain Kind Of Salsa Music  -  This group of "On 2" dancers prefers a certain kind of music which we loosely label "classic salsa".  Classic salsa has a certain rhythm structure that works best with the timing that we use in our dance.  Good examples would be the music of El Gran Combo, Tito Puente, Raulin Rosendo, Willie Rosario, and certain songs by Eddie Palmieri, Azabache, Angel Canales, Frankie Ruiz, Erick, Ismael Rivera, Jose Alberto, Africando, Celia Cruz, Grupo Niche, Tito Rodriguez, Hector Lavoe, Oscar D'Leon, Ray Barretto and many others.  See our List of Classic Salsa Dance Songs

These dancers do not generally like to dance to what is called "Latin jazz", "Cuban music", nor most of the salsa heard on pop Latin radio stations such as La Mega 97.9 FM, salsa which is referred to as "pop", "commercial" or "salsa romantica".  To give a better idea of the style of music we do not like to dance to, with a few exceptions most of the songs of the following singers & bands would fall into this category: 

Brenda Starr, Luis Damon, DLG, Alex D'Castro, Adolescents Orchestra, Tito Nieves, Nino Segarra, some Miles Pena and Tony Vega, Jerry Rivera, Victor Manuelle, Michael Stuart, some Isidro Infante, La India, Johnny Rivera, Tito Rojas, Mark Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, some Gilberto Santa Rosa, Gloria Estefan, Giro, Luis Enrique, Rey Ruiz, Domingo Quinones, Eddie Santiago, Frankie Negron, Puerto Rican Power, Cano Estremera and others of this style.

7How This Music Should Be Played  -  And this group of dancers prefers to hear almost entirely classic salsa music played all night long, with maybe an occasional cha cha.  Also, an occasional merengue or bachata is tolerated, maybe 1 or 2 per hour, but little or no English music should be played such as house, hip hop, reggae, R & B, disco, Reggaeton or rave. 

The event should be providing classic salsa dance music for 75% of every hour for the whole event.  That means salsa for 45 minutes per hour, with no break in the salsa music for longer than 15 minutes per hour, and then returning again to salsa for at least another straight 15 minutes or longer.  The salsa does not have to be played for 45 minutes straight, but there has to be a total of 45 minutes of salsa played during every hour for the whole event.  If an event does not play this much salsa, it will not be considered for posting on our main calendar.

If a DJ is playing the music, these dancers want the music played as it was recorded by the artist from beginning to end, without any DJ distortions or manipulations such as "looping" and "mixing".  See our Guidelines For DJs.  If a band is playing, the songs should be mostly salsa and should not be more than 5 - 7 minutes in length.  The volume of the music, whether by DJ or band, should not be too loud.  The quality of the song makes us dance, not the loudness; and we like to talk and socialize also, so we need to be able to hear each other. 

8The Dance Floor  -  Dancing salsa "On 2" is very complicated, beautiful and active, and it involves quite a bit of spinning, especially by the ladies.  Therefore we need a good dance floor.  This is very important.  The best dance floors are made of smooth wood and are finished to a "medium speed" so that one can spin and move smoothly.  If a dance floor is too "slow", rough, uneven or hard (such as rough stone tiles or cement), it puts great stress on our ankles and knees when we spin, even causes injuries, and it destroys our expensive dance shoes.  If a floor is too smooth and slippery, then it is dangerous because we might fall and injure ourselves.  Any indoor events such as in clubs or studios should have a good floor.  We make an exception for outdoor events such as summer festivals and parks.

And the dance floor must be regularly maintained.  If food, drinks or other substances are spilled on the floor, it must be properly cleaned and conditioned before it is used by the "On 2" mambo dancers.  And periodically, the floor must be sanded and refinished.  Most general clubs or events do not have to concern themselves much with the surface of the dance floor because their customers are not skilled dancers doing fast, intricate spinning moves.  But mambo "On 2" involves skill, precision and balance, so the dance floor must be good quality and well maintained. 

The dance floor area should be lit well enough so that we can see our partners clearly, especially their hands so that we can lead and follow.  Very dark rooms, or strobe lights, moving spotlights, spinning disco light balls, or lights flashing in sync with the music are no good for us.  Imagine doing a triple spin and then searching for your partner's hands when the lights are flashing or it's very dark.

9We List Events At Our Discretion  -   Please Note:  We list a lot of information about the world of salsa/mambo, but no claim is made to being comprehensive, complete or non-judgmental.  This is a PERSONAL WEB SITE, not a commercial or government web site, and we do it in our spare time at our own expense.  We list content at our own discretion, based on whether the information, event or resource is relevant to our "On 2" format, appropriate to our editorial policy and guidelines, and in keeping with our personal principles, preferences and beliefs.  We do not list those events or products presented by those persons who we don't feel comfortable with or don't particularly like.  We don't list events put on by people who we believe have disrespected us or disrespected other members of the New York-New Jersey "On 2" mambo community, or by those persons who have given us false, misleading or exaggerated information, who have not told us of changes in their venues which we have listed, or who have engaged in any kind of false advertising or misrepresentation in their promotions or unprofessional behavior.  See our Editorial Policy.

10.  Additional Attractions For These Dancers  -
  There are a few things you can do as a promoter to attract more "On 2" dancers to your dancing event.  The strongest attraction would be that you have a show by a mambo dance performing group.  Good dancers as well as the general public love to watch a dance show.  See our Directory Of Performing Groups for a listing of excellent teams who show their artistry locally and around the world.  These listings provide pictures of the dancers and complete contact information. 

You can offer an "On 2" dance lesson so that new customers can learn to dance mambo and feel more comfortable coming to your present and future events.  The dance lesson should be held either before the main event, or in a separate room during the event.  Never stop a dancing event to hold a lesson.  See our Directory of Mambo Instructors for a complete listing of independent professional teachers and how to contact them. 

While many mambo dancers like the same beverages as other people, some of them like non-alcoholic drinks.  For clubs, you can still make a profit at your bar.  You should put out on display such beverages as sodas, sports drinks, fruit juices, ice teas, bottled water, Red Bull, etc., as well as a sign offering "virgin drinks" (standard cocktails without the alcohol).  You should also consider having waiters circulating around to reach out to those dancers sitting or standing near the dance floor, since they often become so engrossed in dancing and watching that they forget to drink.  And you may wish to consider adding a $1 service charge for drinks brought by waiters to make sure they are tipped properly.

More Information About Putting On A Salsa Dance Event  -  Salsa dancing events are different than others.  Here are two articles which provide guidelines for promoters and directors of events who want to attract and please a maximum number of mambo dancers.

How To Put On A Mambo Event  -  by Steve Shaw, founder & host of www.SalsaNewYork.com .

Attention Club Owners & Promoters:  What Dancers Look For At An Event  -  By Edie "The Salsa Freak", founder of www.SalsaWeb.com , www.SalsaFreak.com and www.DanceFreak.com .

How To Get Your Event or Club Listed On www.SalsaNewYork.com  -

1)   Your event must meet the requirements listed above  -  Especially important is the type and amount of music.  The music should be mostly  "classic salsa" as described above.  The mix of music must be at least 75% classic salsa played every hour.  That means 45 minutes of classic salsa played during each & every hour of the entire event, taking into account all other music, the announcements, the band if you have one, a dance lesson, any ceremonies, comedy act, promotions or awards, etc.  The only exception to this is a dance performance, which counts as dance time. 

If an event states that it runs from 10:00 PM - 2:00 AM, then classic salsa must be playing for 45 minutes during each of those 4 hours.  This does not mean 90 minutes of salsa and then 30 minutes of some other type of music.  No break of salsa music should be longer than 15 minutes, whether it is in the form of some other music, announcements, awards, ceremonies, comedy, or anything else.  The point here is that the event should be providing classic salsa dance music for 75% of every hour, 45 minutes, with no break in the salsa music for longer than 15 minutes.

We post on our Calendar only those events which follow the music guidelines above, and who stick to those guidelines.  If a promoter or DJ says:  "we play what the crowd wants, and if they want a lot of merengue or English music, then that's what we will play", then that event does not get posted on our Calendar.  Our viewers go to events posted on our Calendar expecting to find 75% classic salsa and that is what they should find.  That is the service we are offering.  We only list those events which which make a commitment to play the 75% classic salsa.

Please Note  -  Over the years, we have had various promoters lie about the amount of salsa being played at their events.  In order to get their event listed on the SalsaNewYork Calendar, they say there will be at least 75% classic salsa when this is not true.  When we catch them, they are banned from being listed on the Calendar and their future relationship with us is impaired.  We also spread the word that they are dishonest promoters.  Warning:  Do not ask us to list an event if it does not meet our music requirements.  We will find out.  In addition to ourselves, we have a large and very active group of dedicated On 2 mambo dancers, most of whom are our personal friends, who attend events all over the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area and who monitor and inspect the events we list on our Calendar, reporting back to us regularly.  We operate this Calendar free of charge as a public service.  We do it in our spare time and at our own expense.  Please do not disrespect us and our viewers by lying about the amount of salsa being played at your event.  Be honest!

2)   If we decide to post an event, we would need the following information about the event :

Title  - what is the event named?

Who is putting on the event, who is the sponsor?

What is their contact information -  phones, email, web site?

If promoter or sponsor is an On 2 dancer, name who you learned from & which crowd you hang out with or events you go to?

Date and time of event?

Location & phone number -  exact street address, cross streets, floor number - phone at the location?

Travel instructions - trains - by car from midtown Manhattan?

Attractions -  Names of DJ, band, dance performers & instructors, special guests?

Description of place  -  Size of club or studio & size of dance floor (could you compare the size to some place we all know), surface material of dance floor (wood, tile, etc.), speed of dance floor (slow/sticky, medium, fast/slippery), lighting & sound system, bar & beverages available, snacks or food, etc.?

Dress code  -  General style of dress requested, any particular clothes not allowed?

Price of admission, prices of typical drinks (water, soda, beer, mixed drink)?

Minimum age for admission?

3)  List SalsaNewYork.com on your promotional materials such as flyers, posters, emails, etc. -   We list events as a courtesy and we ask that you do the same in return.  Please mention our web site www.SalsaNewYork.com in some way on all your promotional materials.  It doesn't have to be anything big or fancy, just a simple mention of our web site or use our logo which you will find at the top of every page of our web site.  Or you could write something like "Listed on SalsaNewYork.com", or "Information on SalsaNewYork.com" or "As seen on SalsaNewYork.com", or another phrase which you would feel comfortable with.  We appreciate your sharing the courtesy.



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